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    Movable UI addon?

    Not sure if this is the correct spot for this.. but Im looking for a ADDON that lets me place my Action bars at the top of my screen.

    I want to switch my character frame/enemy frame to the bottom and place my abilities in the top section.

    Anyone know of such an addon?

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    Bartender. You can also use MoveAnything to move things around and you don't wanna use a UnitFrame add-on.

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    Dominoes or Bartender for action bar movement. i use LuI. its a little more oppressive on the hardware, but it incorporates many of those mods into one platform.

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    Macaroon is my favorite button and macro manager (now called Ion)

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    MoveAnything can do just as the name implies, move anything that you want it to. Its a great add-on.

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