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    @OP, why are you limited to Razer and Steelseries? Corsair, CoolerMaster, DasKeyboard and Ducky also have fairly decent offerings. Check them all out

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    The macro keys aren't mechanical though right? When I was deciding on my keyboard I found that to be really strange the rest of the keyboard is mechanical but the macro keys aren't. I got a Logitech G710+ has a few macro keys and I really love the board.
    Correct, which is why Corsair will shortly be releasing their K70 and K95 - pretty much every downside of K60/K90 is being rectified, including 100% mechanical keys.

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    Dont be a pancy get Das keyboard ultimate

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    It costs more than double it's actual price here.
    It's 200-250$ at least from what i've found.
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