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    Life drain and Durumu

    Hi guys,

    We are stuggling with Durumu 10N, we have light spectrum and maze worked out, but we struggle with life drain. How is it the best to handle it? We had try where we berserked (We had 590k raid dps so that should be really enough to kill him). After last beam life drain was casted at healer (Durumu had like 6,5mil hp left) and though we had other 2 healers switching on life drain, we wiped with Durumu having 6 mil hp (Though 1 of our dpses died at last maze). Any tips how many players should do this? What we observed is that stacks doesn't reset when ppl change so we use like everybody to change at beam, but then when force of will is casted, one played is stuned which often leads to wipe (We use leap of faith to counter this). Also how you handle life drain during light spectrum phase?

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5941&e=6548 <- Logs for best fight, our new tank is far beyond MT with dps, and I concluded that it was problem we wiped, but then life drain still is problem.

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    Just have several people soaking, swap at 3 stacks and you need 3-4 soakers. Make sure the soakers are NOT standing near/ontop of the stunned target when FoW is about to be cast, that's just asking for trouble.

    Too bad you don't have a paladin so you can solo tank this, makes it lots easier.

    edit: Your dps is really low, all your dps are 510+ but you only do a total of 590k raid dps over 10min.
    Our last kill was 6:15min with 800k raid dps without bloodlust but solo tanking. Our last dps did 94k while your top did 91k. Some of this is experience, some of it is gear, some of it is simply pressing the buttons harder.

    Your tank also died after 4min due to crappy healing,
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    We let the debuff stack to 2-3 and another player without debuff catches the debuff and so on. It's important that you do not begin to catch the beam near the boss / eye as this makes it harder for the next player to be the next target when the "laser" goes straight down.
    While you "control" the 3 light beams, it can be a little bit harder to interupt the lifeleech by standing in front of the currently targeted player because the groups should be split to spread the damage of the light beams.

    Taking a look at your logs, you have to rotate more with players to not stack the debuff too high.

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=5941&e=6548 ---> click on Damage by actor

    Your mage and shamane took lots of damage compared to other players. Your mage took once 5 stacks, the shamane even 7.
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    So low dps
    Also never seen a lock last.

    We got 5-6 ppl switching stacks.

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    I'd agree with very low DPS, our 25m group(1/13H) has our Paladin tank as lowest DPS/Tank at 97k, and we aren't even using the solo-tank method.

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    As already mentiones, you want to tune up the DPS a bit.
    OT: Not only ou should rotate at 2-3 stacks, you also should pop a cooldown when you enter the beam. The amount it heals is relative to the damage it deals to you. for each stack it deals more damage. That means a show in dispersion with 4 stacks will heal the boss less then someone without cds on 2 stacks. If you manage to as well rotate the players quickly as to pop a cd it will heal Durumu for almost nothing.

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    Your dps numbers in this fight are completely irrelevant as far as the problem you are experiencing. Ignore all the "herp derp moar numbers" posts.

    Heres whats relevant:
    The maths on the attempt you linked:
    Boss health in normal: 261m
    Damage you did to boss: 347m

    This means if you wiped at 6m HP then the boss healed ~92m during the attempt.

    You basically need to swop the debuff at 2/3 stacks max like the other people were saying (that means actively screaming that you have 2 stacks and someone better take it the hell off you)

    I'm not saying more dps is bad, I guess I'm just sick of people opening a parse and shouting "moar dps!!!" or "we did 100k in questing greens!!!" as if that solves all problems. Damage comes from being comfortable with the abilities, your kills will get faster as that happens. Your idea is right, work the mechanics and the boss will die. I'll end the rant now. Good luck.

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    If people in your raid use WeakAuras you can use my WeakAura: it tracks people with Life Drain and announces in /say the number of stacks they currently have. To load it go to WeakAuras > New > Import and copy the text below, feel free to move the icon wherever you like:

    If it doesn't work go to notepad, copy the text and remove all of the spaces from the text then copy it.

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    As Deja pointed out, he did a huge amount of healing with life drain. There are 2 things you can do to fix this.

    1 - swap life drain better. The healing increases with each tick and resets when a new target is hit. You want to swap at roughly 3 ticks, so you'll need 3-4 people to soak them.

    2 - get a healing debuff on the boss. In your current raid comp, the only class you have that can do this is your warlock using his felguard pet, meaning he'd have to go demonology. As in interesting point, the felguard debuff is 10% reduced healing, which would have been about 9 million in your attempt, meaning he would have died if you already got him to 6 million without any healing debuff.

    As an added point here, if your dk is able to play unholy, dropping a few necrotic strikes on the boss during life drain would also be helpful.

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    We gather together and switch one for another, if you have a stack go away - works good

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