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    Fun caster and healer recommendation

    I've been away from the game, and I'd like to hear some recommendation for a caster or a healer for pvp these days. I hear locks are still very popular, while boomkins are apprently amazing these days? I'm curious, which talent makes boomkins so good these days? Is it their burst and control? I never saw the day coming lol.

    I'm also curious which healer is fun to play with while not being underpowered (or are all healers considered 'overpowered' still...) It seems like monk or druid would be fun classes to play, with their mobility. Are monk healers still the hardest class to kill? It's fun to survive xD

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    As for fun that's all opinion. Spriests are best class/spec atm. Don't see many boomies/locks around my parts. As for healers rdruids are the top I believe but comp matters a lot (obviously). Monks have good output but oom the fastest.

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    I'm actually preferring my lock to my spriest lately, I may even swap it out in my mains team next season after the spriest nerfs (I'm sure I'll still find a team to play my spriest on though, but could be just for points). The void shift nerf is totally necessary, the mass dispel nerf is a killer blow to the spec though - spriests will probably still appear in god comp and maybe in RBGs (more likely you'll bring a disc though), but non-god comp spriest comps are probably dead post 5.3.

    Boomkins are very very good for RBGs (perhaps mandatory) and are becoming popular in arenas lately - I think part of this may be due to the decline of resto druids, since it uses the same gear - so it's the easiest swap for an arena rdruid to make gear-wise. Nevertheless, good boomkins are very good right now - but they seem to have a pretty sharp skill curve and high skill cap - the bad ones are pathetic, the good ones always catch you by surprise with how powerful they are.

    Good use of Typhoon can be almost an auto-win button versus certain melee specs on Dalaran and Blade's Edge. Cyclones are a particularly potent CC these days because of the healing prevention / mana regen prevention / undispellable nature of them, and when playing with a disc priest Symbiosis lets you give the Disc Cyclone and gives the boomkin Mass Dispel. Symbiosis with a Mistweaver exchanges Disarm for Entangling Roots, which is another borderline OP exchange for arenas - and for Rshamans - Boomkins get Purge (don't remember what the Rsham gets).

    Mistweavers are probably the hardest healer to kill for melee, but resto shamans are definitely the hardest for casters (but that could be because I play spriest and lock, and rshams have tremor totem - still, I think its more to do with wind shear, grounding totem, and earth shield). I hear mistweavers are lots of fun though, where as - as a former Rshaman - I always felt rshamans had a very powerful toolkit, but never really felt "fun" in the way rdruid or disc did.

    All the healers have pretty high survivability right now, it's completely necessary or we wouldn't bother bringing them at all - healers are thus OP by design as far as survivability goes in a 1v1 situation - because they have no hope of winning by killing their opponent. It's probably important that people understand this better, so allow me to introduce a metaphor! 1v1 between DPS vs Healer, is like a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Urkel - except in this fight, the rule is Mike isn't allowed fighting back, he can dodge or run away (inside the ring) but he can't attack. Eventually, no matter how much of a tank Tyson is - Urkel (DPS) will either win or draw, but never lose. The very nature of the fight is rigged - Tyson isn't fighting back - so even though Tyson appears tougher than Urkel, the smart money is on Urkel - because he can't lose. If anything, the imbalance favours DPS, not healers
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    For this reason. I invoke the rule of mental and physical exhaustion.

    All dps classes must kill there target within 3 minutes of engagement or Dwindling Reserves kicks in. A physical uncleansable dot that inflicts AP / 2 damage per second. At 3 minutes and 30 seconds, Dwindling Reserves morphs into Wracking Exhaustion and damage is tripled. Spell power coefficients are yet to be determined.

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