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    My epic plan...
    Uvls gem and volatile on affli and demo ¤_¤

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    Oh I understand how RPPM works, but I'll refrain from eating my hat until someone links me a log with 60% uptime.
    Ok this isn't a log with the Meta but with the BotH trinket

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    Having an "abnormally" high uptime (say twice the expected one), especially on short fights (to be exact, fights short enough that the number of expected procs is very low, like in the log zumzum just linked), is not that unusual at all. The only thing that is very unusual is having significantly lower uptime than expected by a big factor on a relatively long fight, because of the "bad streak protection".

    Now I've got some code to make exact simulations and give you actual numbers but the "6 procs when expecting 3" scenario (for example) has very decent probability (of the order of the percent I'd say).

    Although I really liked the original idea of RPPM, I personally believe that big a randomness is hurting the game. I did not manage to change Blizzard's mind about this to the point I would have liked, but since RPPM is there to stay, it's never too late to pick up the "fight" ;-)
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