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    [H] The Exiled - Late night raiding 1/13H 10hr/wk

    <The Exiled> is a Horde progression raiding guild on US Mal'Ganis. We are looking for a few replacements (real life happens to people) plus exceptional applicants to round out our roster. What are we currently recruiting?
    1 tank - preferably plate
    1 healer - paladin
    Any amazing apps will of course be considered. Gear splitting and raid comp is simply what we're looking to min/max.

    Main Raid Times Include:
    Thurs. 11:30-2:30am CST
    Sun. 10:30-2:30am CST
    Mon. 11:30-2:30am CST

    If you are interested in applying or learning more about our guild, please visit our webpage at www.exiledguild.com.

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    Immediate roster opening for a healer, preferably a hpal.

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    Any and all rollerballers welcome.

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    rollerball... more like lollerbal

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    Still looking for some apps!!!

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