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    Tier Bonuses

    For Blood is our current tier 2pc and 4pc bonus horrible? I have noticed a lot of extremely high ilvl DK's are not using any tier pieces. I don't know if that is because the tier bonuses suck or that they are trying to get as high of an ilvl as possible.

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    Our tier pieces are loaded with mastery and very little avoidance. For a Blood DK looking to gain the most possible avoidance for the highest possible Riposte out of their gear, it's better to skip the tier pieces and use offset pieces with avoidance in their place. Or they might just flat out skip the avoidance and go straight for crit. Depends on the DK. All comes down to whether or not you can live without the 4pc. The bonuses themselves are good, though.

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    With the huge Ilvl boost, survivability is no longer an issue. For those top-ilvl DKs, they've likely had heroic content on farm for months now, and thus want to spec for even the tiniest bit more damage possibly, so they go for max parry/dodge/crit from HWF gear.

    DK tier bonus is fairly decent if you need more survivability, but offers almost nothing for dps purposes.
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