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    [H] D I N G - Frostwhisper 1/13 25 man LF Healers & DPS

    D I N G - Est. 2005 Feel free to skip straight to the website here

    Progress: 12/12 1/13 ToT 25 man

    Currently Recruiting:
    Disc Priest

    Enhancement Shaman
    Balance Druid

    As with most guilds though, we always consider any application we get and if you're good enough and at least fill the role requirements we have then we'll very strongly consider you, so don't be afraid to drop us an app, what's the worst that could happen?

    About the guild
    So I'll start out with raid days, we raid as follows: (All times are server time, CEST, GMT+2)
    Sunday 20:30 - 23:30
    Monday 20:30 - 23:30
    Wednesday 20:30-23:30

    We run a very relaxed raid style, which is reflected in our attendance requirement of 50% (6/12 raids per month) and we also run a fairly strict age requirement of 18+ which allows us to talk freely without fear of offence or parent aggro.

    I'll leave things short so I'm not just recreating what you'll have to read through during our application process, so if you're interested feel free to contact me in this thread/PM or on our forums (and if you can find my super secret character name, PM me in-game).

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    Updated requirements
    Would love a Mistweaver, could also use a Tree+Besto Sham

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    Updated requirements
    Still need a Mistweaver, added a Holydin & Disc Priest to the list
    Also updated DPS requirements, are you ranged? Then we need you!

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    Updated requirements

    No longer recruiting DPS, still need all the healers as before

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    Updated requirements, lower healing requirement than before and need a Mage/Hunter

    Also 11/12 progress

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    Updated requirements:
    Disc Priest
    Enh Shammy

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    Updated the requirements:
    Same as before, just added a Boomkin

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