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    In LFR most co-tanks just spam taunt on a boss and try to focus on DPS rather than mitigation, and Healers just spam AOE heals to top meters.
    Got any facts to back up your bullshit statements?

    Also, Blizz have to cater to 10million odd subscribers. Even considered the possibliity that not everything they do will rate highly with yourself? I don't care for scenarios either but I accept that the world doesn't revolve around me or go dark when I take a seat.

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    Scenarios are boring as hell. I want cata troll heroics back.

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    I remember when scenarios were first introduced, me and my friends said "Man, this is cool, but I wish it was hard!". We were giddy when they announced heroic scenarios.

    Now, I might be biased since (besides my 10 man raid team) I primarily play with 2 RL friends and we're constantly looking for stuff in game to do together.

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