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    Thinking about returning

    Hey everyone,first of all sorry if this doesn't happen to be the right spot to post such threads :P
    Pretty straight forward question,how have things developed in PvE content since 4.2?
    I didn't quit because I was bored or anything of that sort,found the game appealing till the last minutes before I was forced to take such a decision(RL issues etc.).So now that all of that stuff is over I am thinking about coming back but I want to be a bit informed about the state of the game from a PvE perspective as of now.
    Ps.If any kind ele shammy happens to notice this post,then please tell me how elemental shamans are currently doing.

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    Hey there Bloodyplant,

    Try WoW, and see what you like.
    WoW has changed a bit since MoP, most of them in the good way or atleast how i see it.
    We got Brawlers Guild a solo PvE scenario where you fight a boss alone.
    We got Scenarios 3man instances most of times instant ques where you fight bosses like in dungeons but alot faster.
    We got better raids again, has been a while but we got them back. We just got Throne of Thunder 12/12 bosses on normal 13/13 on heroic.
    We got open PvP area in krassang wilds
    2 new Bg's start of MoP.
    1 new arena i think (Not pvper)
    MoP leveling has been amazing, one of best questing expansions so far.

    5.3 is around the corner aswell. That brings us:
    7( ithink) new scenarios.
    1 new Battleground.
    1 new Arena.

    And alot of new lore

    Blizzard is doing great with WoW and with this progress WoW will be alright for next 10 expansions
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    I think now is a very good time to come back. In terms of PvE 5.0 was quite good - multiple smaller raids, plenty of relitivly interesting bosses. I didnt really like Heart of Fear though. 5.2 is one of my favorite patches so far. Throne of thunder is a fantastic raid. Gearing for raids is mainly done via LFR now, with a few heroics and scenarios once you ding 90.
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    MoP is worth a shot for sure.

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    Even if there are a lot of trolls that say wow is bad, don't come back; if you liked wow in cata, then you will love it in MoP, because there is a LOT to do. MoP-Questing is a nice flow; different from cata: there is not so much phasing as in cata, not so many sequences as in ulduar, even then questing feels far better. And if you like your minipets: many complained about pet battles before; now so many players play them that blizzard them self are surprised how popular it is.

    They did many good things this expansion: faster patches, more endgame content; simply a lot of things to do.

    The bad thing (that isn't bad anymore since 5.2 and especially 5.3) is that at the beginning of MoP you was forced to do dailys again and again to spend your valor points since you needed reputation from different factions for it). 5.2 fixed it since valor items now requires reputation gained from Throne of Thunder-Raids; and you gain also reputation from your first daily instance/scenario run.

    So if you want to come back i think now is the right time; 5.3 is near and siege of orgrimmar (5.4) i think will be an interresting twist.

    Simply MoP is the best expansion so far; at least since 5.2.
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    what changed for elemental shaman (for the better):

    -no more buff totems; all totems are now very situational
    -lightning shield is now 60mins and doesn't fall off/water shield neither
    -flame shock is now 10 sec. longer (I think...not quite sure but it feels like 10sec.)
    -tier 12 4 piece set bonus is now baked into our class....lava surge does procc quite often and allows us to cast instant lavaburst and resets cooldown
    -you can't put down totems when you are stunned
    -casting lightning bolt while moving will be baseline in 5.3 (coming soon; in 2-3 weeks I think)
    -we can get "the Stormbreaker" title ;-)
    -elemental shamans get (and that's huge!) Shamanistic Rage!! ! (with the glyph we can get rid of deep freeze; etc)
    -Wind Shear has 16sec. cooldown now
    -Chain Lightning isn't getting weaker each target it hits
    -new 78 talent Ascendance (for 15. sec. you can chain cast Lavaburst; if you chain cast Chain Lightning it gets stronger each jump)
    -we have a new aoe-stun totem which takes 5 sec. to arm...very tricky to use but it can be very strong...

    In PvE I am currently doing very well (might be that I only 'raid' raidfinder ) Not the strongest but also not the weakest. Althoug we got Shamanistic Rage in 5.2 we still are a bit weak in PvP....I do arenas very casually: If I get focused in 2v2 there is not much to do....they can lock down almost our complete burst (by dispelling flame shock or just blanket silence our lavabursts)....so 2v2 isn't balanced anyway, right?^^ I heard that we are a killing machine in RBGs...we can do an enorm amount of damage if nobody attacks us.

    Overall shamans are doing quite well apart from our survivability which is a big issue in PvP.
    Some changes you may have heard of already, its just what came to my mind the last 4mins. ;-)

    my opinion: Pandaria is definately an expansion worth looking at; they learned of some mistakes they made in late cataclysm and the newest raid is very good. 12 bosses.

    -> one big change that happened too: you definately have to get out of town to accomplish anything in the game. no more teleports via guild perk/no mor dungeon rep grind....

    -> raidfinder: similar to dungeon finder where you can group up with 24others (and slackers; and afkers; and healers which damage; ...^^) and see the whole raid. The newest raidfinder is split up into 4 parts (with 3 bosses each) and will take you about 40mins per part if you don't wipe.

    hope this helps a bit....I have no idea how many spelling mistakes I made

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    something big I forgot: crossrealm zones....you are not alone in the zones anymore (apart from pandaria) all zones coalescene (how do I even pronounce this word?) with each other...in hellfire there is a lot of ganking going on almost every time.

    the dueling area before the gates of Orgrimmar is packed with people; chat is constantly filled with PvPers recruiting for arena & rbgs....

    leveling in crossrealm zones can be hard if you get ganked my 90s.

    -> we have 4 new worldbosses (require around 30-40 people) you can get a chance for loot once a week like in raidfinder. as well as in raidfinder, the system determines whether you get loot or not...no grieving or anything.

    so a LOT has changed in the meantime. ^^

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    This is a pretty good time. I just recently came back after a 6-month break, and I'm enjoying it. Cross-realm zones are the only gripe I have about MoP. Depending on the zone you're questing in, you will spent more time being ganked by level 90s than actually questing on alts if you're on a PvP server. I would advice skipping Hellfire Peninsula altogether once you get close to 60, as it's just a big meat grinder now. Of course, CRZ doesn't apply to the MoP zones, so if you're just leveling your 85's to 90, you won't have to worry as much.

    But again, that's pretty much my only complaint. MoP is well worth it. There is a LOT more stuff to do aside from just raiding and battlegrounds/arenas once you hit 90.
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