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    need help with another macro

    looking for another pvp macro basically to tie in freezing trap with another action like kill shot, so when kill shot is not available it'll cast freezing trap instead....just something to help clear up my bar of one more icon and makes frost trap easier to throw out....was also hoping maybe tie it in with cobra shot if possible. Thanks!

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    A macro can't check for the status of cooldowns and make choices for you. To do precisely what you're asking isn't possible.

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    You can't make a macro that only uses kill shot "when available". Macros can't be conditional on execute health ranges or cooldown status. You could put them all on modifiers, that's about it (that would make sense). In what situation would you want to cast freezing trap as an alternative to kill shot anyway?

    /cast [modifier:shift] Kill Shot; [modifier:ctrl] Freezing Trap; Cobra Shot

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    What I did was to make a castsequence with Scatter Shot and Freezing Trap.

    #showtooltip Scatter Shot
    /castsequence reset=10 Scatter Shot, Freezing Trap

    I thnk that should work, but I typed it out from memory so I'm not 100% sure.

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