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    Have you considered doing some sort of sport instead of going to the gym? I mean, if you like sitting there doing task after task, then sure, go ahead. But otherwise, why not try some sport and maybe develop a hobby out of it? Or a passion, even.

    As for me, I'm a rock climber. Started about a year ago. Bouldering really defines your body while for cardio simple approaches do wonders and if not, you can always find someone to go running with.

    The whole point is: do what you like. Not some sort of routine... You'll probably get bored of it fast.

    And also: you take like 2-3 minutes to stretch. You should really spend more time on stretching and you should stretch virtually every muscle in your body, not just your limbs.
    Weight lifting is a good thing to learn to do because when you get older and your body starts breaking down you can always switch your routine around to deal with the weakness. I use to be an avid runner and tore both of my Achilles heals. Because I know how to lift I have continued to be able to workout despite the fact that I can no longer run. So yes, learning a sport is nice and fun but it is best if you learn how to lift because lifting is the most flexible activity in regards to injuries.

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    Honestly at 13 all you'll need is a permanent change in diet. Stop drinking monsters and eating burritos.

    As far as exercise goes, at 13 your metabolism is going to take care of just about all you need. If you're looking to get into good physical shape, football/cross country/track will handle that extremely well, plus you'll probably make some new friends in the process. If you're opposed to school sports then any combination of calisthenics and cardio will be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbhasban View Post
    Lifting does not hinder growth. While I disagree with spectral's assertion that you need to run for 30 mins to get a workout
    To be clear, I didn't say that you need to run for 30 minutes to get a workout - I said that if you're going to run, run for a half hour or more. I suppose even that's too much of a blanket statement, since you can do quite a bit in less time, but I'm inclined to encourage people to run farther, provided they're not injuring themselves.

    I suppose I don't know much about teens though, I probably wasn't adjusting enough for the OP's age. When I was 13, I think the only physical activity I really did was basketball.

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    For exercise, i'd recommend if you have a smart phone, get an app like runkeeper or something and track all your work outs. It's pretty good cause you can get audio queues and training plans etc to help you build up endurance.

    For weight control, just stop eating crap. Watch your calories in. Cut out soda's, sugary crap etc. Do this for 6 days of the week and reward yourself with something nice on the 7th day. Don't go overboard though, just something nice you've been craving.

    Theres a doco called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. give it a watch.
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    Go for a run, all you need, or play a sport

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    My favourite exercise is lifting weights.
    For cardio, I lift heavier weights.

    Squat 3x5
    Bench 3x5
    Chins 15-20 total reps, add weight or use assisted.
    Rows 3x5 SUPER STRICT.
    Optional: Cable rows, 3x8 bicep work, 3x8 rear delt flyes, do this at your own discretion. If you don't feel like it, don't worry

    Front squat 3x5
    MP (military press) 3x5
    Deadlifts 1x5
    Optional: 15-20 reps of dips, 3x8 tricep work"

    Those are the two workout days I'm currently doing. I would recommend looking up how to do these exercises before performing them.
    It's recommended you workout more than 3 times a week, however be sure to take rest days as lifting heavy ass weights is pretty tiring . Day B in particular is very exhausting, heavy compound movements like the deadlift and the squat can really take a lot out of you.
    Source of program

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    Running is the best, (30 minutes to 1 hour)

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    Go play soccer or basketball, It will get you in great shape.

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    So would this work?
    Cardio Activities 45 mins on one of the days
    Weights 45 mins one of the days
    All around body activities 45 mins one of the days
    and if i was to do the weights, i am just naturally well muscularly built, would 5 KG be a good starting point?

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    And when do you regenerate your body?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oklahomakid View Post
    And when do you regenerate your body?
    if you mean regenerate by rest, i'd spread each of those across a tuesday thursday and sunday

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