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    Do somebody know if theres a addon that will flash when holy shock cooldown is finish so i can optimize my holy rotation ?

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    Your best bet is a power aura or weak aura. There are some spell flash addons out there but I've never used any. WA does pretty much everything for me.

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    I would suggest OmniCC! All it does is give you a numbered countdown for spells that have a cooldown! Really simple and zero setup.

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    I use OmniCC as timoteo suggested, and I would recommend this one for pretty much every class. You can set the minimum threshold to whatever you want, so it will only show countdowns for cd's longer than X seconds.

    You can also use either a weakaura or tellmewhen to put an icon up on your UI when HS is available, or make a countdown timer to show seconds until the cooldown ends.

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    Weak Auras is nice because you can pretty much set it however your poison. Like bars, it has that. Big ole icon with a CD, it has that. Old Power Auras animations, it has that as well.

    The customization is to your liking.

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