I have a dream...

I've seen topic after topic...closed based on personal beliefs because often times they turn into slightly heated debates... But isn't that what forums for general discussion are for? To be able to anonymously pronounce what you believe and debate it with hundreds of other people. While I understand many of these threads can become hostile, anyone posting in these threads should be aware that people hold their beliefs close, and some may be more close minded than others. So why is it that these are closed?

And dont just give me a terms of agreement answer, this goes beyond that, why is that even part of the terms? Why not make a section devoted to adults who are able to have a heated discussion without turning it into a flame war. It's okay to be aggressive or even a little hostile to make a point, its a whole other thing to bash someone personally?

I feel as though with the community on MMO-champion, if a section or a seperate area was made in which people could have these debates, lots of people would have great opportunity to learn and understand others views. It's not bad to have debates, thats actually one of the problems with society now a days, people are afraid or unable to truly voice their opinions, why don't we as a community start something right, make a place where people can debate these things, people can signify that they understand other peoples views, and accept the harsh reality that not everyone will believe what you say?

I'm not asking to just ignore people when they bring up threads, maybe add a seperate area or an account feature that notifies that your account is above the age of 18, that you will do your best to ensure an intellectual conversation, and that you will make use of the tools provided to not cross the line between heated debate and flame war.

People have things to say, people have ideas, and questions, for the amount of people that visit this site daily, we as a community have the opportunity to make it more than just a question, we can provide answers and discussions, and hopefully answers that will provide clearer pictures for people so they can live their lives more aware.

I have a dream that someday, people will be able to communicate about what society seems to consider personal topics and that these topics will brought into the daylight for all to experience.

(Of course, these things would have to be regulated, but its a step forward)