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    Heroic 10m Encounter rankings!

    We've started 1-2 shotting all the encounters in 10m normal and feel good about starting Heroics. I've done a little research and from what I've found people said Jin (of course) is the easiest followed by Horridon. I'm sure this will keep us busy in the coming week but I was curious if anyone had an opinion on the order in which we should tackle 10m heroic encounters. Much appreciated!!!

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    Try doing some more research, that topic pops up every week multiple times in this board including one thread on the very first page and twice on the second.

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    From my group (after 5 bosses down on hc, soon 6!) I have found out myself that the difficulty of those we have killed are (easiest to hardest)

    Jin'Rokh - Ji'Kun - Tortos - Iron Qon - Horridon (Horridon was a pain for us because no block tanks at they just got one-shot when ja'lak died, might be easier for you if you have a paladin or warrior with you.)

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    that would be the order imo

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    Do iron qon the same reset as jikun assuming you only spend one night on it. Iron qon is really easy.

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    Awesome, I appreciate all the helpful replies!

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