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    Megaera 10m normal - which tact?

    Hey Hey

    After we finally got rid of tortos - we hitted a wall named Megaera.
    We tried two tacts:

    With GRGRBRG - We had too much raid dmg from acid bombs, so we switched
    With BRBRGRB - Beams are handled pretty much good but after second blue head sometimes we have two healers on beam/cinders which leads to death of tanks.

    Here are the logs:

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    Our guild does GRGRGRG quite successfully although we do quite a lot more dps than your raid so perhaps that's your problem (I estimate our DPS to have around 505-513 ilevel gear).

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    Then try grbgrbg it doesn't really mattet. Acid bombs are easiest to heal through imo because my group was able to not stand in the big green circle and use personal cds at the end.

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    dont touch blue at all, same as in lfr, save some raidwalls/personal survivals for last two rampages

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    We had an altraid yesterday using 2 tanks 3 healers and 5 dps, our damage was decent enough to kill the heads but the healers mana wasn't able to sustain our normal BRGRGRG tactic, we first switched to BRGBRGR, which was better but the double blue beam came too early for us to properly dps. then we switched to B-R-G-R-B-G-R whilst lusting on the last green head (the sixth) this instantly gave us a kill then.
    I guess it's all about finding out what heads your raid can handle best.

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    This is probably a bad advice.. but we only killed GRGRG... not a single blue. It becomes very hard at the end to heal through.. so at the end, this tactic is more a gear/skill check. What u need to do at the end is sorta.. spread out.. and dispel cinders as soon as they appear, there is simply no time for them to run to the back and avoid walking on them, the fight will soon be over anyways, so what ever.
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    we go GBRGBRG but thats cause how we did the first time and we keep doing it like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    we go GBRGBRG but thats cause how we did the first time and we keep doing it like that.
    We also do this strat. Safe Bloodlust/Heroism for the last rampage. Your damage dealers also need to focus more on their uptime. I was just browsing through some of your trys and there is always someone below 90% which is not good, even with bad luck with the ice beam. I don't know anything about your gear level but tank dps as well as the dps of the frost dk seem a bit low to me. In addition, melees suck, especially without warlocks to help them get in the back of the area and drop the cinders. Just keep trying, you will get it eventually!

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    First, sorry my english, it isn't my language.

    With my raid we've got the same problem on Megaera. We tried so many tactics and didn't find the good one. We tried GRGRGRG but didn't work, so GRGRBRG same stuff... Next week we tried BRGBRG aaaaand ... wipe. So many try, so many different tactic and now... I don't have any solution for my guild so if you have any idea to help us, it'll be a pleasure.

    Here the general log of my guild : w w w.worldoflogs.com/guilds/211558/

    The last log (saunday 22), we tried with 4 heals (2 disc, 1 holy, 1 pal).

    Thx and sorry for my english.

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    Dont do it with 4 healers, your raid make low dps
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    3 healers is plenty, G R G R U G U

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    We also tried several combinations, but succeeded then doing BGRBGRB.
    But we may also be a special case, since we do have two monkhealers (and a disc). The monks won't be targettet by the blue beam, so they only have to deal with the cinders. And our range DDs together with the disc "kite" the blue beam far to the back, so the ice trace is never an issue.

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    We just got to Megaera last week and tried the BRBRBR... strat. This worked well as the cinders can be used to get rid of the ice and vice versa. We did not end up killing it, but I am sure we will get it on the next reset. We use 3 healers and near the end the raid damage/running out of healers range was the main reason for failures. I think next time we will assign dedicated tank & cinder/beam healers/dispellers.

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    Anyhow, we tried to make GRGRGRG work for far too long. We swapped to GRBGRBG and had a kill two pulls later.

    I think BRGBRGB probably puts blue too high up in the kill order. He's really the least dangerous head. If you're killing all three in order to not have haste buff stacks, kill him third. We discovered that our worst time for our healers was after killing a blue, with the tanks in different time zones. With the GRBGRBG strategy, we have the dps pull out medium length cooldowns on the fourth head (while the tanks are so far apart) and then lust on the last rampage and try to get the last head down really quickly.

    For a while we were swapping tanks on each head after the second breath. It can minimize the amount of tank damage going out, you may want to look into that. It does make it slightly confusing for who's on which head as the fight progresses - good to call it out on each transition.

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    And, specific for Botold, your paladin cast Hand of Purity 23 times in 12 attempts. That spell has a 30 second cooldown and will make the red head's DoT laughable for 6 seconds at a time. It can be cast on every other breath when the red head is up.

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