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    [Music] I need help (Deephouse music choice)

    Im gonna make a big playlist :

    Style Of music needed ? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5T3Ni6mm4k

    this .. Very mélodic and beautiful (listen to all the music) , i want very sad and sweet deep house

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    There's too much to name and I don't have the time to give you a big list of good deep house tracks.

    Go here: http://www.beatport.com/genre/deep-house/12/releases

    Check out the previews of the releases and youtube whatever you like best.

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    all of them almost sux :d

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    Then maybe you should redefine on what type of music you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ircien View Post
    Im gonna make a big playlist :

    Style Of music needed ? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5T3Ni6mm4k

    this .. Very mélodic and beautiful (listen to all the music) , i want very sad and sweet deep house

    MixMag tend to have some of the best house DJs and newest/best deep house on their channel. They often stream live too.

    Also, the video that you linked is progressive house, not deep, so you may want to check out that or deep trance aka trench.

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    ^Lawson is the man, 20:20 Vision is one of my fave lables when it comes to deeper house that is still full on party.

    Anyways OP, as the poster above me wrote, the video you posted could just as well be prog house, I'd say it's a fusion really.

    Anyways, one deep house track that I thought about right away after listening to your link is an anthem from a few years back. Ame "Rej". I love both the original and the some of the other house remixes, pasta boys one for example, absolutely massive track. Check out Shiro while you are at it, those are my 2 fave tracks by Ame. Another tune I think you might like is Jerome Sydenham & Tigerstripes "f12", also an older track, Lawrence "Along the wire"(superpitcher rmx) is probably in your taste as well, Superpitchers remix of "Along the wire" is one of my all time faves, killer track, gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it! Perfect way to end a night. Aril Brikhas "Winter" might be something you dig as well, it's not really sad, but it got a melancholy vibe to it. Gregor Trashers "A thousend nights" is also one of those bombs that I can listen to 100s of times without growing tired of it. The melodic stuff from John Tejada is world class, techno/house fusions. One of my all time fave producers. He does make all sorts of music though, but some of the melodic stuff should suite you. Jimpster "seventh wave"(dirt crew rmx), was part of a remix pack, dirt crew made a great track magical, that break!
    Nufrequency "go that deep" is a huge vocal track, you want the remix from one of deep house finest, Charles Webster, Webster is and has always been a master of proper deep house. Geddes vs audiofly pres rekleiner "somewhere"(sasse rmx) is pretty bangin but still got a deep vibe to it and the melody is sort of melancholy, was huge for me for a long time. One of those tracks that can blow the roof off the place.

    These are all tips based on the vibe of the track you linked, regardless of genre, there is a lot of great music out there that got the same vibe as the track you linked, you can find tunes like them on techno labels, prog lables, deep house lables etc. Don't stare yourself blind on what the music is labeled as, you risk missing out on some fantastic stuff that way, it's all about the vibe man!

    Anyways I can't list half my record collection, it would take years so those are some tips, hope you like them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    Such a refreshing change to meet someone that "gets" house. Excellent post and I agree with the recommendations. There's just soooo much stuff out there, it's all about the discovery.

    My recommendation to the OP is listen to some compilation albums on sites like Beatport, great way to discover artists and labels.

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    go and see deep house and progressive new songs its almost dupstep SUX

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    jack i like u man , i downloaded all ur tracks

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    Have you heard Andrew Bayer's tracks? They are veery good!

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    ebah that sux

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