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    'Hey I can see my house from here'

    'Pffft, no bars, typical'

    'Where the three breasted women at?'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmelded View Post

    'Where the three breasted women at?'
    finds three breasted women

    *Damnit, I only have 2 hands!*
    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    Keywords: India, Congo, Peru, South africa, childmarrages.
    Why have i never heard these words out of the mouth from a feminist?
    All they go on about is manspreading and how they wanna remove free speech and the evils of computergaming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Levelfive View Post
    Probably because your only exposure to feminism is what you read on gaming sites.

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    I can see my house from here!

    ...someone beat me to it...

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    "Oh god! chili was the wrong thing to eat before getting in a space suit!"
    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    The fucking Derpship has crashed on Herp Island...
    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Meet the new derp.

    Same as the old derp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elpalmo View Post
    "That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind" was the quote after Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon. If you were the first person to step onto mars, what would you say to world watching that would completely destroy the moment?
    Okay, it took me until the bold part to realize this wasn't about sex.

    So, moving on. Perhaps a silence followed by "Guys, I really got to take a dump".
    To declare that a personal, inner experience gives certainty about the workings of the universe is to assign far too much value to one’s subjective sense of conviction.
    I’m not that arrogant.

    The brain, marvelous instrument though it is, isn’t infallible. It can misfire, seize or hallucinate, and it can do so in a way that’s utterly indistinguishable from reality to the person experiencing it.

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    "WTF am I doing here? Carlsberg dont do pranks, but if they did..."

    or if I wanted to wind up a few million people I would have to do: "Have you heard? about the bird? everybodys heard about the bird!!!" I think society would have collapsed before I returned home.

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    "**insert comment disparaging an entire race for no reason**"
    "You six-piece Chicken McNobody."
    Quote Originally Posted by RICH816 View Post
    You are a legend thats why.

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    "They say men are from mars but all i see are a bunch of naked female aliens"

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    If it was an american expedition. "I claim this land in the name of Mother Russia."
    Or maybe "Shit i left the Rover keys back at Houston."

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    I would say "You guys did a great job making this studio look like mars! Oh crap, was this on?" And then say something regal.
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    You hear a long loud and nasty fart, "Houston we have a problem, I just sharted"

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    Something like this. Or, "Now where here, lets go to Venus to pick up chicks."
    I haz beta!!!

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    "You lost the game."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Users View Post
    "aaaannndddd cut!"
    This wins. /10char

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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No...It's AN ASTEROID and it's heading for you guys. LOVE YOU MOM ARGHGHGHHH!! *crackle crackle*
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    "Fuck, I just stepped in dog shit".
    Nah, was just a

    Ill show myself out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2chicken2die View Post
    Cant... unhear...

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    "um guys, do Domino's deliver up here?"

    "fuckin hell for small hands that Martian immigration officer REALLY tore me up!"

    "I hereby claim this planet for the great nation of Scotland, get that RIGHT up ye ya german basturts, nae towels on the deckchairs here!"
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