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    The dps all around looks terribly low, especially the hunters.
    For 511 ilevel, which is about mine here granted, I've gotten new loot the upcoming weeks, and went into ToT at 482 ilevel pulling 90k on this fight the first time.

    I'd have your raid leader simcraft each of your dps for ilevel.

    For hunters use

    EDIT: We do Grgrgrg

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    Our 10m alt raid only has issues with this due to tanks not being geared, we haven't seen a SINGLE Plate piece in 2 weeks of 4/12 clear with alts. We run 2 Discs and 1 Resto Shaman for healing, DPS is whatever we can get for the night, usually the same comp though.

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    From my experience 2 disc and a resto druid doesnt work. Ive tried it once, never tried it again. U need to have some class with the greater 2 sec healing spell.

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    As others have said, your dps is really low for 510 ilvl. G-R-G-R-B-G-R. Diversify your healers some too and you guys should be fine.

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    The only truly good strategy is the one that is suitable for your current comp. My raid could do with-blue and without-blue strats from week to week, depending on what people are in the raid (its enough to have just 1 or 2 of ranged/healers not really good at moving, that basically makes a with-blue kill impossible, since it is double hard to get away from the beam and then later maybe clean it off with cinders on).

    But no matter what strat you use, the tactics must be to have less than 4, and ideally, less than 3 breaths, especially on red heads. This means your dps have to shape up. on our 1st kill, my raid had rDPS +130k higher than you (and we are by no means super skilled); we are currently at the 510.10 (per wowprogress) mark riLvl.
    (talking about rDPS of your 7:38 try, our first kill was at 7:32, so pretty comparable overall)

    It also helps if your melee are alert, since they need to be pretty much dispelled instantly on 6/7th heads, so they have to move out of the cinder puddles fast and still find a way to dps and not lose momentum.
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