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    Next Expansion Burning crusade 2? (Speculation thread FYI)

    I am wondering what are the chances of this happening. I heard stuff here and there about it, but nothing solid. Does the lore allow it?

    Would you be pleased? Pissed? Or would it just be a nostalgia move on blizzard's part?
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    Burning Crusade 2: Demonic Boogaloo

    I wouldn't mind, it's not like I've got any better ideas. I'd rather they save finishing off the Legion for the last expansion though. The Burning Legion started the Warcraft franchise, only fitting that they'd end the latest.

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    The only other thing aside from a new Legion expansion, is an expansion where we specifically go after the old gods and be rid of them once and for all.

    Perhaps during the end of say.... Heroic Garrosh kill, he reveals that his research into using Sha energy/power has revealed how Y'shraaj was killed by the Titans all those centuries ago, and has found a way to duplicate the process with Wrathions help, and the old gods realize we've become a serious threat to their existence, so we spend a whole expansion in a old god infested Azeroth, cleaning them out, preparing our world for the Burning Legion invasion.
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    Lets not mix up things here.

    The nostalgia is about TBC , 1st expansion after classic wow.

    It was a mediocre expansion with few very good points, some good points.. and lots of garbage.

    And the burning legion.

    The burning legion is not defeated yet and we will surely see some more action from them in the future.

    Its not a matter of if .. but when.

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    I don't think the next expansion will be an Outland revamp (like Cata was to Kalimdor & EK), Blizzard realized that it was a mistake to spend so much time on redoing the old world, and even though most people would agree that the quest flow has much improved, it's arguable whether the remake was a good idea in general or not. TBC also had some primary antagonists that were dealt with properly, vanilla was more of a mishmash where "anything went".
    That said, the next expansion being burning legion related or sharing some themes with TBC is entirely possible.
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    Wouldn't mind exploring more fragments of Outland - I have a theory that the Old Gods ruined the ancient arakkoa civilization, so checking out some of their fallen cities would be a thrill.

    People have been clamoring to go to other worlds though, so instead we might have a situation similar to Cata's - all the new zones are scattered separately throughout the content. Using the dark portals in Outland would be a the easiest way to go to them at first, though there will probably be a central hub of portals to get to them afterwards.

    I just hope we get to see lots of weird alien planets, with sci-fantasy landscapes like Outland had. Floating islands, glowing crystals, mushroom forests, and so forth.

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    Well alot of us who follow the Lore have known the Burning Legion would return for some time after we sent KJ packing back through the Sunwell.

    But I would love a revived Outland with more lands to discover & active demon portals that allows us to go to other demon worlds.
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    Why would anyone be upset by it? Its been more than clear that the Legion is still a major threat,anyone with half a brain would know that. And in fact in BC we barely did anything to them, if anything, we just dealt with corrupted agents and subordnets of the Legion. They are coming, weather is the next expac or not, its yet to be seen. We still have other major threats like Nzoth and Azshara, etc.

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    Of course the lore allows more battles against the Burning Legion, and I hope the next expac deals with another portion of that story, but not all of it. If we destroy the Burning Legion next expansion I'll be extremely disappointed. At most, the final fight should be defeating Kil'Jaedan once and for all. If we don't get a Burning Legion expansion I'm hoping for exploration of the seas and more naga story.

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    There will be a Burning Legion expansion for sure. The current Legendary Quest chain in MoP very obviously hints at this. But not sure if it will be the next expansion.
    The question I am asking myself is this: Where will it take place?
    Let's face it:

    Remodeling Outland for a new expansion does not seem likely. Blizzard already did that with the original world in cata and it was a mistake. Also where would players go to level from 60-70? So a new Outland won't happen, I think.
    And it couldn't be Azeroth. Blizzard can't remodel anything on Azeroth again. Just not possible. And I do not see any space left on the world map for adding a lot of new zones.

    So what would happen?
    The Burning Legion could invade another planet to build a base of operations against Azeroth and we could take the fight to them via newly constructed Dark Portals. I personally do not like this idea very much.

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