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    Question regarding Flameshockuptime, Lava Burst and Word of Logs

    Hi guys,
    first im not a shaman. Im here to ask something related to World of Logs and our Elementaryshaman.
    Conclusion: He doesnt get the right dps. He knows that but he doesnt knows a way out. He knows the guides, the enchant etc.
    So we checked the log together and find something strange:
    First of all: The Log:
    Second, special details:
    If u check "Buffs cast" and the debuff Flame Shock it says uptime from 74.1%. When i show the graph i see some really long gaps trought the fight.
    If i run the log query (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/s...?s=6365&e=6988 + {"eventTypes": [1], "spellIds": [51505], "sourceNames": ["Obvaylon"]} )
    i can see Lava Burst with 160k Hits and Lava Burst with 110k Hits so i think Flame Shock is not up every time.
    If i check the log query with {"spellNames": ["Flammenschock"], "eventTypes": [6], "sourceNames": ["Obvaylon"]} and look for the times i see Flameshock every 30 sec (sometimes more or less, one time its a minute).
    If i look at http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/s...?s=6365&e=6988 i see 22 casts for a 30 sec debuff in a 10 minutes fight which is ok also.
    So the question: Whats going on? Why do i see only 75% uptime when the dot is nearly allways up? Did we oversee something?
    If u have other questions oder suggestions, feel free to speak.

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    You can get odd Lava burst hits, because the mastery proc counts as a normal lava burst but only hits for 75% as much damage. but yes his FS uptime is terrible.

    only thing i can think of is that it's counting it weird since you switch targets so much.
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    Can't see the reason for uptime either in the log query, although there are gaps when there shouldn't be and some refreshing only 10-18 seconds into the duration at the end.

    Pretty sure without Primal Elementalist fire elemental is still supposed to do more than 19k dps while it's out, not sure what thats doing, it was also cast only once on a 10 minute fight when it should have been up at least twice without the glyph or 3-4 times with the glyph, which he has. Searing totem only has a 28% uptime too, which is even worse given the uptime on fire elemental.

    Any reason for not glyphing Unleashed Lightning too? it doesn't take much movement at all for it to be a gain, flame shock glyph is pretty dire since 5.2 for ele. Also casting Unleash Elements, which is pointless, unless it's because he's moving.

    Looking at armoury, it says he's 1% hit over cap although I think that's an armoury bug since he only has 4756 hit rating, maybe counting the bonus expertise from the fist weapon twice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
    You can get odd Lava burst hits, because the mastery proc counts as a normal lava burst but only hits for 75% as much damage. but yes his FS uptime is terrible.
    Therefor i looked in the query with the spellid (51505) which is the main lavaburst.

    @turkey: Thanks for answering we will discuss that later.

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    Dont forget that on that fight there's a period where the head are transitioning whn they're untargetable. AFAIK the flameshock drops off during that time - though that won't make up 25%.

    Also, as the heads are respawning he can target / cast flame shock before they're fully unfurled.

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