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    First one which popped in my mind was Lady Vashj. After her Sindragosa with "The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!".

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    I only raided a little bit during Firelands so I have to say Ragnaros... normal mode 10 man...

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    I would have to say the one that required the most brutal precision was M'uru. That took our guild probably 250 attempts for a first kill. After that, probably Kiljaeden ... that fight was just barely contained chaos at all times.

    I didn't quite get to it in Naxx40 before BC came out, but I hear 4 Horsemen in Naxx40 was a major nutpunch too.

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    I feel old when I say broken C'Thun but damn.... just impossible. Though as a personnal skill fight, and not a "Oh damn, I hope the others aren't gonna die again or fail doing that tricky thing", i'd say easily Lich King HC. Though I haven't been on lei Shen HC yet... And yeah, 4 Hourseman, what the hell !

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    Spent lots of time on heroic WotlK/Cata fights such as 25 LK, Cho'gall, Sinestra, Ala'kir, Nefarian, Ragnaros, Spine, etc...

    But the fight I spent the most time on was... Yogg 25 normal.

    The guild I was in at the time was not the best around!

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    Lich King Heroic.

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    Hahahaha I keep forgetting ahhh an honorable mention

    ''Heroic Vizier'' - Heart of Fear pre-nerfed

    Deemed impossible.

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    I might be a bit biased but LK 25 HC was the first time I raided in a decent guild and actually pushed content. Killed it at 15% with a no-voicecom guild (which probably contributed to it feeling difficult), but then I also always loved the Arthas story so the boss in general felt really epic to me. Rogue from Ascendance Draenor EU

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    I want to say M`uru, but from my point of view(hunter) i did all my tasks with no problem. stunn mage in a rotation with others , kill it, kill the two melee adds, dps muru for a sec or two, kill more adds and some more adds, wait for p2. ofc drum rotation, mana pot rotation, MD the big void walker ect ect.

    i would say lady vashj or prince kael. Not becaus they are harder then muru, but at that time my guild was at a world rank 1000 something, and server rank 5 or 6, but by the time we got muru down we where world rank 50 something, and server #1.

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    From what I've done M'uru was the toughest mofo, bitch took us 3 months to kill. It was just so terribly razor-sharp that even one wrong GCD could cause a wipe. It wasn't even about gear, at the end we ran the prior bosses with alts because no one had upgrades there.

    Close second is Yogg+0. I only did Yogg+1 at it's prime but I can't believe people were able to handle all the shit that went down during that fight.
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    heroic spine was the biggest pain I can remember, also so unrewarding...

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    Yogg-saron / sarth 3d

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    Heroic Spine before any nerfs was pretty tough. Only 253 guilds managed to do it in the 2 months it was out before the first nerf to the burning tendons.

    Toughest overall though I couldn't say. There's a decent sized list that most of this thread has covered.

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    it's a mix between kael'thas and m'uru.

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    Sha of Fear forgotten so far? Interesting.

    I'd say H Rag, but hardest in terms of "I don't even want to do this on normal mode" was H Spine, of course.
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    Sha of Fear forgotten so far? Interesting.

    I'd say H Rag, but hardest in terms of "I don't even want to do this on normal mode" was H Spine, of course.
    Sha of Fear H isn't even in the top 20

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    Sha of Fear H isn't even in the top 20
    Indeed. Anyway in my opinion it's probably HC Ragnaros.

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    I would have to agree with Hc Raggy. Spent many a night on a wipefest there, became totally demoralizing. I never did Naxx 40 and I know from what I heard 4 horsemen where a pain in the backside, But I also remember doing Hc Lk and having problems on that too, mainly due to someone standing in defile and then getting silenced or not nuking the val'kyr hard enough. Good times were had.

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    LK HC would be topspot at my list, a individual mistake wipes the raid, extreme group coordination and discipline needed, good aoe and single dps requierements, limited trys, every role had a lot of responsibility, lots of phases, long fight, even with with 30% buff really hard to kill

    I would love to see more singleencounter bosses, where someone could test his own skill, loved the Rogue Legendary Questline with the boss, who was optimal designed for rogues, but was in the end to easy.
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    Hardest bosses IMO were/are: Muru, Yogg 0 Lights, Firefighter Mimiron, lich king, ragnaros and lei shen. Those are just stand outs to me. 25 man and heroic where applicable.

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