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    Cairne's spirit should kill him. *.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    again, why do people think saurfang cares.

    his son is dead, hes not gonna come into orgrimmar and run for warchief of the year guys
    Proof that he doesn't care, please.

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    Mark my words, it WILL be Saurfang dealing the killing blow and he will be the one to comfort Garrosh in his last moments. Something similar to what happened to Arthas.

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    They aren't going to kill Garrosh, that is too easy. No, they are going to hack off his limbs leaving him a torso. The mighty Garrosh must spend the rest of his days depending on others to keep him alive. Once so strong now so very weak, why kill him when you can make him suffer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    if a horde character kills Garrosh, the alliance will complain and bitch about not getting the kill.

    If an alliance character kills Garrosh, horde will complain and bitch because they didn't get the kill.

    If a neutral character kills Garrosh, both will say its a massive cop put and both will bitch.

    Either way, disappointment all round.
    I'm actually fine with a Horde character killing him, to be honest, I don't want him to die at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pawsz View Post
    Wotlk was ages ago, I doubt blizzard planned that far ahead.
    Blizzard could have planned this far ahead, but I do believe they changed direction since then. Would have to get him back for 5.3 at least, since 5.4 would feel pressed - ofc he could suddenly come through the roof of where we fight him and say "gotcha, I told you what would happen."
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    I don't see him dying. I question if he even loses Warchief title. Anytime a story tries to force you into thinking you know something more it's just a setup so you get that "twist" feeling later. A story, like life, has one goal of making you feel things towards things that never mattered before. A story, unlike life; ends with the closing of that story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SvetlanaSvetlana View Post
    Chen Stormstout will get the killing blow
    thats.. actually.. not a bad idea when you think.

    ok, he's had no association with garrosh, but chen is very much a token good guy, infact probably the most neutral themed good guy in mists.

    and if he gave the final blow to Garrosh, the other characters wouldn't need to wash there hands of it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dgreen View Post
    Others have speculated the same thing. Personally, I think it will be Vol'jin.
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    While I believe Vol'jin will land the decisive (if not killing) blow to Garrosh, I would personally love to see Saurfang do so. If only at the very end of the fight in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid... Vol'jin prepares the killing blow only for Saurfang's hand to fall on his shoulder in a gesture that says "this one is mine to kill." I imagine it will be great either way, simply because I detest Garrosh and all he stands for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTheHoe View Post
    Here's a crazy idea. What if they let us get the killing blow seeing as we will be doing all the work?
    Reminds me back when focus of combatlog was to see who got the killing blow in raids
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    The word you want to use is "have" not "of".
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    swifty will 1-shot-macro him


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maulis425 View Post
    Proof that he doesn't care, please.
    show me how many fathers who have no family care when their only son die.

    he stayed in northrend for a reason, the only thing keeping him up in the morning is the fact that the undead still roam northrend
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    As much as I would love to see Varok Saurfang cleave the world in half with his epicness. Unfortunately that ship already sailed. Blizzard made a huge error when they made Garrosh Warchief. Logically the one that should have become warchief was Saurfang, he's a veteran of every war since the orcs arrived at Azeroth, he lived through the blood haze; he's a living legend. If any I had to pick any orc to become the next warchief Saurfang would be my number one choice hands down, but I know this will never happen Metzen likes to make great characters and then shit all over their stories in WoW, just look at Illidan/Kael'Thas in BC.

    Most likely it will be Anduin or his father that take out Garrosh, as much as people want to see Vol'jin do it I don't think he will get the chance. I really hope not, not a fan of his character to be honest especially with what they did to him in MoP. The other thing we could see happening is a third character from lore that has been absent for a while will show up again during the last few patches and he/she will be the one to take the killing blow & become the next warchief. I would love to see Garona she's my number two choice for the orcs, but she's never really been allied with the Horde.

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    I think Varian will try to get the kill but garrosh will kill him. Seeing this, Anduin goes super sayin and smites Garrosh within an inch of his life. When he is about dead, he MC's him to just walk the planet until he dies.

    Maybe it will be the other way around, Anduin dies, Varian goes crazy. Saurfang shows up like "woah thats fucked up man, remember when that shit happened to me at Icecrown, i know how you feel". Jaina tells Varian he is too weak by revenge to go after Garrosh so him and Saurfang go hang out as new best friends. Lor'themar shows up to finally get his kill on Garrosh that hes been wanting all expansion but just as he is about to he gets frozen in place by none other than a very now undead Kael'thas. Kael mutters something that sounds like "thanks for watching over the sunreavers while ive been dead and shit but i got it from here".

    So kael joins in the fight. Now you know Metzens mary sue, Thrall will show up with Zombie Cairne. Jaina will be like..."ok what the fuck is going on". thats when Sylvannas is gently lowered down from the sky by two Nascent Valkyrs. She tells the tale of wanting to use her power for good, instead of raising an undead army, she raised Kael and Cairne so the horde leaders could once again stand by each others side and kill Garrosh who they have always hated.

    But not so fast! As the alliance warships roll in, Magni steps off the boat still picking small pieces of crystal shards out of his skin muttering what can only be dwarven curse words. Magni is saddened when he hears the news of Anduins death as he was Anduins mentor. As they are mourning, a pack of feral cats walk up from one direction, and a pack of wild wolves walk up from think they are going to fight or something, but why would they? They just morphed into the druids led by Tyrande and Malfurion, and the Worgen of Gilneas led by Genn Greymane. At the same time, hundreds of tiny helecoptors decend in front of them at the gates of Org. It is the gnomes with High Tinker in the front with a noticeably classier helicopter (it even has one of those beverage holders on the side of it). Wheres Velen? i have no idea but he'll probably show up because somehow all the leaders got word at the same time. I would say its probably because you cant fly up by the Exodar, but then the blood elves would have the same excuse and they made im sure he will show up.

    So i believe one of these two will happen.
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    Saurfang for what he said in northrend to garrosh
    Sylvanas for calling her a b**** and distrusting her in general
    Varian for what he did to Anduin, the warcrimes and general disliking
    Anduin for what he did to him (though anduin is unlike to kill him and more like to imprison/seal him or something)
    Thrall for leading the horde down such an evil path and warcrimes
    Baine for what he did to his father (though accidental, so small chance)
    Jaina for what he did to Theramore
    Vereesa for killing her husband Rhonin at Theramore
    Vol'jin for attempted assasination, general disliking and warcrimes and more
    Lor'themar for uhmmm no apparant reason, but lor'themar was against him as he mentioned during the ToT scenarios
    Every pandaran for what he did to Pandaria (vale of eternal blossom sacrilege)

    Yeah plenty of people have reasons to kill him. But who is likely?

    Saurfang -unlikely because he has not done anything in MoP as of yet.
    Sylvanas -unlikely because she hasn't played a major part in MoP.
    Varian - very likely because he will organize a whole siege with the horde to bring him down, trials of the high king climax point
    Anduin- unlikely, too pacifistic at the moment
    Thrall - unlikely because he had his moment in cata
    Baine - unlikely because what garrosh didnt mean to kill Cairne the way he did
    Jaina - unlikely because no one really likes her that much
    Vereesa - unlikely because she isn;t that important (unless she gets a hold of the ashbringer, because tirion was small fry before that too)
    Vol'jin - very likely because he has the motive and has been very active in MoP
    Lor'themar - not so likely because he has no personal vendetta with Garrosh as far as I know
    Every pandaran - unlikely, unless they get their logistics sorted out....way to few spaces in the 10 and 25man raids for them all to fit in.

    So I am going with Varian or Vol'jin.

    My take on the ending:
    Varian beats him to pulp but before he gives the finishing blow Anduin stops him saying he must be punished, but not through death (something about atoning and the cycle of hatred). Then Garrosh seizes the oppertunity to lunge at Varian when his back was turned to him, but drops death before striking from the dart Vol'jin shot at him.

    Howver my scenario is also unlikely, because we need to take Garrosh's Sha of Pride corruption into accoutn somewhere in there :P
    WoW characters that need/deserve to get killed/punished/otherwise removed from the story: Tirion*, Thrall, Malfurion, Wrathion, Sylvanas, Jaina

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    I think Varian will die, and Jain will use Antonidas' staff on Garrosh. I just feel the Alliance needs one more tragedy to end the expansion on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    show me how many fathers who have no family care when their only son die.

    he stayed in northrend for a reason, the only thing keeping him up in the morning is the fact that the undead still roam northrend
    You have no proof his feelings, it's all conjecture. I'm not disagreeing with you from a personal perspective, but there's nothing in the game, aside from the final moments of the Deathbringer fight, to back up your idea. If there was hard evidence of it, even after that event, then I'd agree. Until then, Varok coming back is still in the realm of possibility, however low it may be.

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    Maybe Baine should get the final blow to avenge his dad.

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