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    LFR is a joke to tank. I have seen plate tanks under 450k health fully buffed tank all of LFR. You should be fine.

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    Its easy man... Us tanks have got it fairly easy this patch... I play a blood dk and man... Just read the tank need to know on the different bosses and your in. As for people raging.. Yeah it sucks... but listen to the people who are actually telling you what to do... There are people like myself that when im tanking will send a whipser to other tank asking if they know. and if they dont ill do it all over whisper so only use 2 know. We all have to learn at some point and i think thats what people in LFR dont see... Is that we have to learn how do it before we can get better
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    go get feet wet

    Its pretty simple, don't charge in without having a clue - I hate the tank that says after the silly wipe "my first time here" speak up early - there are plenty of videos out there to get you familiar, lfr is so straightforward you need not worry over much, but the minimum of basic tacs are worth doing a little homework on.

    Talk to your fellow tank, they are mostly ok people, at least if he knows you are new then can tip and talk about the tac for the fight, most are simple one line info tbh.

    Go get your feet wet, pref boss blood but hey its lfr, we all hate one another plenty in there , still a concerned citizen go "dps" it to see the fight and learn what the other tanks are doing (tbh about 50% of them are wrong anyway)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delath View Post
    LFR Lei Shen says hi :P, but yes I generally agree that tanking LFR is not as scary as it may sound as long as you have some basic idea of the fight mechanics like where you are supposed to stand.
    Haahaha sooo true Lei Shen as it sits right now in LFR reminds me of the first week on Amber Shaper. It was sooo good for trolls. I tank now as a very off spec, but running raids so many times that when you Q into LFR with stacks of the wipe buff on Lei Shen and 4 hunters hovering over the freezeframe button (Stampede) - you just sit down and buckle in, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

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