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    Question on Divine Aegis

    Hi All - any idea why one disc priest's DA procs could be much higher (their crit is lower).

    My logs : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=4794&e=5302
    their logs : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=4794&e=5302

    am v. confused as this happens on almost all fights.......thanks !

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    Lower duration absorbs are always consumed first. With lower crit their DA refreshes less often, which means more often than not theirs will absorb damage first.

    You may want to address the fact that you have a ridiculous number of Priests in your raid first though. I see 4 out of 6 of your healers on Tortos are Priests? Good lord.

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    oh I see (about the DA) - thats interesting !

    Yes i know about the priests in the raid...UGH !!!

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    Well to start the other priest cast Inner Focus eight times in the Horridon log you linked, and you didn't use it at all. The difference could also be explained by different rates of DAs wearing off rather than being absorbed. If people in your group were avoiding standing in stuff and people in the other priest's group weren't as much, then more of your DAs would just wear off compared to the other priest's.

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    Yes agreed - i was just smiting/penance-ing so did not make best use of IF....

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