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    Ach's with multiple loots involved (i.e. Relic Hunter)

    Is there a way to track which items I've looted on a character in order to see which ones I still need to get the achievment? In particular the rare BoA items for Relic Hunter and the 20 treasures. As you can see I like playing lots of toons and have forgotten which items I've looted on which toons. All the ach tracker shows is 10/20 looted, not which 10 of the 20 it was!

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    Go grab TomTom + Lost Treasures addon, each item you loot up triggers a hidden quest flag, and LT can check those & point you towards the treasures you havn't looted on that char.

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    There's a macro on the Wowhead page for each achieve, worked fine when I did them.

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