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    1. What is your main character's name? Sarithus
    2. what is their class and race Human Warrior
    3. Why did you choose this name? My old rogue was called Sarith.
    4. does your name affect how you play the game and interact with others? They tend to shorten it to Sarth. Oddly, some people in an old guild called me Sarith without me mentioning I had a character called that.
    5. any other info you think would be helpful! I greatly appreciate fantasy naming conventions. Paying attention to certain archtype, I'd say Sarith suited an Undead Rogue well, but when I changed my mains I went to Sarithus. Sarithus doesn't exactly suit a Warrior, let alone a Human one, but I doesn't bother me enough to make me want to race change.
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    1. What is your main character's name?

    2. what is their class and race
    Female Blood Elf Paladin

    3. Why did you choose this name?
    It's been my most favorite gamertag and my first gamertag on any game requiring you to fill in a name. I especially liked it for a Blood Elf and in my eyes has a ''Paladin-ish'' feeling that goes well with being a Blood Elf.

    4. does your name affect how you play the game and interact with others?
    It does not affect my gameplay. However, it doesn't matter on wichever toon I play, my friends and guildies still always call me Ariona in guildchat and on Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble.

    5. any other info you think would be helpful!
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    1. Furcouch
    2. BE Rogue
    3. Rick James. F Ur Couch.
    4. Not really, people see fur couch not f ur couch.

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    1. Ellesime
    2. Female night elf druid.
    3. I love the game "Baldur's gate II - Shadows of Amn" and wanted a name from that universe.
    4. No, it doesn't affect the way I play.

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    1. Mikra
    2. Night Elf Hunter
    3. If I remember correctly I was on a RPG WoW site about a half year before WoW was released and got help with choosing my name.
    4. Doesn't affect anything...

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    1. Lamagra
    2. Death Knight - Human
    3. It's the name of the blood god in the movie "Blade."
    4. Only when I PvP. I'm not into role playing aside from killing the other faction depending which side I'm playing at that time.
    5. When DK's first came out, blood was a dps spec, so I felt it was an appropriate name for my DK.

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    1. What is your main character's name? Dungeonravor
    2. What is their class and race? Start of VanillaI was an Dwarf, but now I am a Pandarian
    3. Why did you choose this name? Loved running Dungeons and Partying so I came up with Dungeonravor
    4. Does your name affect how you play the game and interact with others? More or less most of the people in real life call me Dungeonravor and also on Ventrillo etc.
    5. Any other info you think would be helpful! I was always facinated by Panda's since the April Fools joke so when they finally came out I rerolled instantly.

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    1. What is your main character's name?
    Rather than explain my current main, my very first main was Brilhasti.

    2. what is their class and race?
    Undead Warlock.

    3. Why did you choose this name?
    This was a name taken from one of the old Bard's Tale games. The name I 'borrowed' was from Brilhasti Ap'Tarj

    4. does your name affect how you play the game and interact with others?
    I was an ugly looking thing. I didn't role play, but I imagined him as being a pretty evil kind of Warlock. I did things like summon infernals at the Crossroads, only to see them break free and attack low level characters. I would take joy in using the Undead racial 'cannibalize' on Alliance players I would kill, if for no other reason then to humiliate them after they were dead.
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    1. Destil
    2. Orc Death Knight
    3. I literally randomly came up with it when I made my DK
    4. My friends sometimes call my Failstil due to my failures as a player in Wrath
    5. I like the color purple and long, sensual walks to the refrigerator.
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    1. Zakaru
    2. troll shaman male

    3. It simply fits troll greaty, the sound of it implies that he is one sinister and serious enemy, it sounds similar to the name of major NPC figure in Zul'Drak - Drakkuru. And I was inspired by the name of the religion which appeared in Diablo universe, the place where this religion was as it's strongest was in Kurast, enormous Aztec-like Metropoly.

    4. Not really, I name-changed him becuase previous name was just silly, and I wanted to show that I am serious about my toon, that I am capable of doing great things, and no one should understimate me wheter it is in PVE when I am usually nr 1 as healer, or PvP. I always hated unimaginative troll names, they deserve much more than that!

    5. While It's really hard to RP with my char since he is meant to be outcast adventurer which is yet to find his path, I rarely do rp with him. But that doeasn't change the fact that I started a comic story with him in which I'll give some justice to this wonderful race, and reveal all the good and bad things about them, which will make some players change thie rmind about them and make them at least respect trolls, for what they stand, what they do, and what they represent.

    I'll publish comic when it will have more than two pages ofc it would be great to hear some feedback.
    And here is artwork of him: i haven't finished it yet though.

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    1. Bluewxephoz
    2. Dwarf Enh Shammy
    3. Stole from the Yogscast bc im an unoriginal døuche
    4. Everyone calls me "Their boy Blue!"
    5. I made that toon when i watched alot of minecraft videos and couldnt think of a name.

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    1. Roselain
    2. Worgen druid (resto/boomy)
    3. I RP. My character's names are all something that at least attempts to be culturally appropriate for the race. Worgen = Victorian England = Flower names for girls were popular.
    4. Not really, that I can think of? Sure, guildies tend to refer to me as Rosie instead of by my name, but it doesn't affect how I play.
    5. We should round up everyone whose name is some variant of Sephiroth, Cloud, or any DBZ character and drop them in a volcano. Seriously. Especially if they contain special characters because the name was already taken.
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    1. Moogyver
    2. Tauren Druid
    3. A play on the name Macgyver
    4. Occasionally if we are in deep shit I can say 'how are we going to Moogyver our way out if this one' for cheap laughs with people that 'understand'.
    5. If you steel the name Ill break ur legs

    1. Muldyscully
    2. Undead Priest
    3. A play on the names Molder & Scully
    4. Nods from those who understand what the name is a reference to.
    5. If you steel the name Ill haunt you when I die.

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    1. Although I've race changed, and thus his name has changed alot, my main toons name was Nered.
    2. Human Death-Knight.
    3. I was hitting the Random Name button, and Nerred came along, I tried to use that but it was being used, so I called him Nered.
    4. It was fun listening to people in Vent trying to pronounce it, as in English "ere" has many different ways of being pronounced (as in Here, as in There, as in Were). But the way I chose to pronounce it was Neh-red; rather than Nerd (as in Were), Nehrd (as in There), or Neerd (as in Here).
    5. <Blank>
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
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    1. Shamshoddy
    2. Troll Shaman
    3. TrollShaman is used already >_> Shamshoddy is actually my 2nd Shaman, named after Shoddysham because I thought the name was pretty catchy :P
    4. Often guildmates would call me either Sham, Shoddy or Shod, to which I absolutely don't mind.
    5. I want to attempt to make a ticket to delete whoever made the toon TrollShaman if they left him/her unused for too long.

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    1. Halfish
    2. Troll druid
    3. cause I am only half a fish
    4. no
    5. name reserved

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    1. Bogruk
    2. Orc Warrior
    3. I usually name my characters using H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu-mythos, and Bogruk is the ancient water god in the short story "The doom that came to Sarnath." Also Bogruk sounds like an orc name, atleast to me
    4. No, It doesn't affect how I play the game
    5. Nothing else to say
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    2.Troll Hunter
    3.My wife's nephew (she was 2 or 3 by then) was extremely scared whenever she sees me without a reason. She was running away from me by calling me Tingoz... Tingoz... some kind of monstrous name in her mind i think As the only female toon at my account, i named my very first toon Tingoz just because of this.
    4.Back in vanilla and bc i was a known red=dead person at Grim Batol EU (under the name of Myth but it is a rather long and boring story) so i think it is fair to say that.
    5.What kind of info are we talking about?

    p.s: if i sucked up at grammar, i am sorry. English is not my native.

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    2)It's a mix match of things. Sen I think was the first half of some wolf name I found, the ar was taken from lunar, and the x was added because Senar was taken on my server.
    3)Night Elf Druid
    5)I don't really like the name anymore because no one pronounces it right, but at the same time I'm too attached to name change.

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    1. Asmodias
    2. Blood Elf Mage
    3. When I started playing, I was also in a D&D campaign where I used the name for a caster type character. It just stuck from there.
    4. I don't really see my name having any influence over how I play or how I interact with people in game... Though I do see tons of Copy Cats
    5. This poor mage... He started life as a Gnome. Then he became a Draenei during T9, then he went back to Gnome. When Mists launched, I made myself a female Pandaren (because their casting animation was the better of the Panda genders) and finally... I went Blood Elf. It took me 4+ years to finally make the switch. I saw a Blood Elf T5 Mage and absolutely loved what I saw... Looked good in the gear, good casting animation... So, all is well in Asmo land.

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