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    1. Rikux
    2. Death Knight, Belf
    3. Rikux has always been a net name of mine since i was like 13
    4. Nope
    5. Ive had the pronounciation change for my toon name as where it used to be Riku X (reeku ex) too Rikux (reekoox) as i don't like to associate with a character from Kingdom Hearts anymore.
    "I hated hating Garrosh before it was cool."

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    1. What is your main character's name? Filipe.
    2. What is their class and race? Night elf druid
    3. Why did you choose this name? I wanted him to represent me so I gave him my name^^
    4. Does your name affect how you play the game and interact with others? No.

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    1. Furkel
    2. Gnome Mage
    3. I worked in a kindergarten when I was younger, and one of the kids seemed to think my name was "Furkel" - it's not really similar to my real name, so no idea how he ended up there. It quickly became a sort of nickname for me, and now it's my go-to name everywhere on the internet (since it doesn't seem to mean anything, it's almost never taken anywhere).
    4. Well, I play on an RP server, and although I've got tons of alts Furkel's really the only one I've thought up any sort of character backstory for, since he's the only one with a name that actually means something to me. If nothing else, this means that I tend to stay in character when talking to anyone I randomly run into (although since the classic gnome character is relentlessly cheerful, slightly weird and easily distracted it probably makes little difference anyway).
    5. At a certain point, the top definition for "Furkel" at was, if I remember correctly, vaginal farts. It has since been surpassed by something less gross and I no longer worry that I might get reported.

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