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    My main and a healer priest alt I cap valor on and keep decently geared. Usually I have one or two more alts I keep up to date and decently geared, but MoP fucked that up and there is no way in hell I could spend the time running more than one alt through all the LFRs, capping valor and getting enough charms for 3 coins/week.

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    i have 4 90s but i can only manage 2 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    During an average week, only 1.
    Same here.
    Also, I only have a level 90 alt (undergeared), all others are low level. Not enough time to actively play not even two characters.
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    In every expansion since TBC I have had 3+ max level characters. I leveled the most in cata with the ease of leveling, I was up to 6 level 85's by the end of cata. I played every single one of these characters each week. Now I cant be bothered to level through MOP its lame and takes forever, I had more time spent leveling the 5 levels from 85-90 than I did on 60-80 its a joke. But I will never get my way ov auto leveled characters once you have done the lame ass leveling crap once, so my 5 other 85's will be sitting there until MOP's exp to level gets nerfed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    One at a time, usually. Get one to max level, gear him to a point that I'm happy with him, then repeat for the next. Whenever I take an interest in PvP, I might play 2 characters, as I don't really PvP with all my toons so if I'm leveling one and decide to PvP, I'd most likely switch to my DK.
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    Usually just the one, occasionally two.

    I HAVE way more than that. Five 90s, four 85s, two 81s and a level 8 that I just started as a gathering alt. I changed servers a couple months ago on the character I was playing as my main though and leveled a fresh character on that server (I'd say it's my new main now) and those are the only two I really actively play now. All the others on my old dead server have just kind of fallen by the wayside.

    Between dailies/farming, LFR/valor capping, RBG/arena/conquest capping and old raids for transmog/gold each week I can pretty much only handle one now.

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    2 chars for me, same two that I have always played. I have not bothered with more in MoP, too painful IMO.

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    Really, just my fury warrior with my focus being on PvE DPS. Aside from a recent 6-month break I took from the game, I've been playing since vanilla, and the warrior has been my main the entire time. The only other two characters I am even half serious about are my warlock and holy pally, but I wouldn't say I "actively" play them. I just try to keep them semi-geared and on standby in case my guild is ever in desperate need of a healer or an extra ranged DPS.

    I haven't bothered with my lower-than-85 alts since CRZ came along though. Trying to level anything that's below 85 on a PvP server these days feels like running through a meat grinder to me.
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    Before last week it was just the one, now I have 2 90's I plan to cap off weekly until I have my upgrades needed and leveling an alt with a friend for two-three hours every other day. Making that 3.
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    2. Blood/Frost DK and Frost mage, both pve

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    since the start of MoP i've only actively played my monk; i levelled my paladin to 90, then my monk, then i spent up until 5.2 playing only my monk to get all the reputations maxed on the one character i enjoyed playing most and wanted to gear up first.

    once i had all my reps maxed on my monk and had bought all the rep bonus things, i started playing my paladin again to get him geared up, once i had my paladin geared enough for LFR, i started levelling my mage.

    i dont imagine i'll put huge amounts of effort into gearing my mage, but i will at least get him into LFR and let it go from there, so if i fancy playing my mage for a bit, i can login, do an LFR and logout again. same with my paladin really, but my monk will be the one i continue to grind dailies and reputations with.

    once the experience change comes in patch 5.3, i'll level up some other characters, but i'll still mostly be playing my monk and whatever character i'm levelling/gearing/or that takes my fancy that week.

    so yea, i actively play my main and an alt - the main is my monk, the alt can vary. i dont have the time to try and actively play more than 2 characters, so i mostly focus on my monk and pally, but i can easily drop my pally to play another alt for a while
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    I would say I play main character and use the other 3 just for profession/ranch farming on a daily basis, plus a bank. So I guess its either 1 or 5 idk.

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