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    Nysyr's Rebuke, when they actually nerf it?

    Hello, I played Rift like 3months ago, and I did play on Cleric. I used all days at work to calculate how I can maxout my "oneshot macro", and I really did succes. I were 53lv when I first time won our guild 70-80 rank geared guy with stun+macro. I quess I did level my toon to about 58 and quit game, but at that point I were able to kill every single enemy player / friendly player at duel with my macro.

    And yes, our guild was realm biggest and most succesful with pve and pvp action, so those guys I won were good players, but Nysyr's Rebuke is overpowered with all cd's and full minmaxing, and ofc making sure they cannot interrupt you. I got full calculation of specs and gear on my guild forums, but I don't remember my forum password.

    I asked this cos I am still waiting till they nerf it.

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    The Nysyr's Rebuke combo was nerfed quite a while back

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