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    Herald of the Titans Kuthe's Avatar
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    One main gaming one and login for important things.
    Two old ones I use for gaming logins/spammy mail senders.
    An official one.
    A university one.
    Then a random one set up through my previous school years, so 7.

    I have most of them on Hotmail, so they are all accessable via login of one of them. Plus I have them all forward to my main gaming one that I have connected to my phone and ipad.
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    2, used to have more but stopped using them.
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    1. Gaming registration one, only for major games from reliable sources. Never had a "Your <insert game here> account is at risk..." or other spam mail on this account.

    2 Private one used for every day RL stuff.

    3. Hotmail one since forever, my trash mail that I use for anything I don't have total trust in, never been hacked but wouldn't matter if it did.

    The first two have complex passwords only known by my KeePass database as everything else of importance.
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    Tempest Keep
    theoretically millions with guerrillamail and mailinator

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    I have 3: 1 from Time Warner, 1 from the college I attend and 1 old gmail which I don't use and only have because I needed a gmail for my first smartphone

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    Herald of the Titans chrisberb's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zildjian View Post
    I think a better question is.

    How many emails do you have on your MSN account?

    Last time I checked, I think I had around 12000.
    My gmail account has 26k emails in it, 20k unread emails =X

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    Brewmaster Xl House lX's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsta View Post
    It has come to my attention lately that over the years I have collected quite some email adresses. So I wondered how many does the nerd of today has on average?

    For me it's 5:
    - an old hotmail: was already hacked once, I only use it for spam-things like facebook
    - gmail: my normal email adress
    - [email protected]: my brother once made them for the whole family, though I almost never use it
    - university 1: email each student gets
    - university 2: email each worker gets
    I own 2 emails.

    First one is my university email, other one is my personal. I could accept having 3 if I worked, making it 1 for school, 1 for work, and 1 for me. But anymore than 3 and then its just way too many.
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    1x hotmail
    1x lycos
    2x yahoo
    1x comcast

    4 out of 5 are unused unless I have the need to email myself an attachment from one computer to another.

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    4 that i can remember the username and password/ i actively use :S

    1 aol- pron and other stuff like that

    2-yahoo- everything else

    3-hotmail- real life facebook etc

    4gmail- uni/college/ proffesional

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    Bloodsail Admiral Haftepaff's Avatar
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    One related to my xbox account, one I use job/friends and two spam mail. I also have around 5 "retired" e-mail addresses that I've abandoned.

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    I have like 6-7. Two are old aim accounts I just have sitting there. I have like 5 Gmails tho. One is for general usage. While one only for Wow. Others I just mess around with. Oh yeah forgot my dumb college email they make us use.

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    Free Food!?!?! Tziva's Avatar
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    A lot.

    • My primary email address
    • My "professional" gmail address.
    • My ultrafark email address, used for Fark correspondence
    • My book blog email address
    • My main WoW email address, which I use for guild, MMOC, etc.
    • Novelty WoW email address since I was able to scoop up my handle Don't use much but it pleases me.
    • Special address. Used only for that purpose.
    • My old AOL box which I never use but still check since I've had the damn thing for eighteen years.

    Most of 'em forward to my primary email address so I'm not checking a zillion places for my email all the time.

    Then I have a lot of other novelty and throw away addresses as a consequence of my pathological need to buy up domain names I like, but those I never actually use.
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    Mechagnome lzsg's Avatar
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    Wow, everyone has so many. I have a Gmail account for everything, and a uni address that redirects to the Gmail one, so I basically only have one.
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    I kind of forgot.

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    Got my old junky email, my first thing I really ever did online. Dates back to like early 2000's...has like 500+ unread crap lol.

    And then I must have 1-2 emails I can't renember anymore.

    And like 2 gaming once. One of them ofcourse being my, witch is keept safe, I hope :P Also have the same deal for Rift, when I started to play that game.
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    The Unstoppable Force Adam Jensen's Avatar
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    An official one and one for spam.
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    5 I think.

    1. Gmail as my "main" adress
    2. University mail for anything uni related
    3. Hotmail adress that is very old and just used for spam or registration mails
    4. adress used for... well nothing in particular, basically it's just the associated account for my phone, so backup stuff etc.
    5. Facebook adress that I got somehow at some point, never used.

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    1 for work.
    1 with internet provider, used it before.
    1 with hotmail, all my junk stuff is registered there.
    1 with gmail, for personnal stuff like facebook, paypal.

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    Brewmaster slackjawsix's Avatar
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    Tell me! where am i!
    an Aol one which is old enough that my password is my first name, i use it for junk now
    gmail for everything important and friends
    i live by one motto! "lolwut?"

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    I lost count, I liked freebies in f2p games so i would often use refer a friend events to refer myself and get stuff on my main account so i had countless accounts tied to countless email addresses XD
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