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    Is this really correct?

    I checked up my old guild I progressed with during ICC. I knew we weren't good at all, but wowprogress says we have one world first. I saw many guilds which has festergut ranked as world 1 and then thought it's a bug. But what I realized is it's only my guild which seem to have the orange color.

    Then I asked someone and they said the one with the orange is world first and the rest with the white is people who killed it on the same day and therefore all got rank 1.


    What do you think? True or bug?
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    If you look at the kills for Festergut it has given every guild that killed him on 5th January a world first.

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    Yes but why is Diyu's kill orange unlike everyone's else which is white?
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    While it is amusing to talk about this. Why do you ask this question? You know the answer better then anyone.

    You know for a fact that you didn't kill anything as a world first guild. So apart from it being an amusing "BUG" why post a topic about it?

    What would chance? Nothing.

    You can have fun with it tho. Just "boast" to all your wow friends your guild was the first to kill X. Bit silly but perhaps alright as a joke.

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    If you click on festergut there are no time stamps on any of the Jan 5th kills.


    So there are 900+ "world firsts".

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