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    About 500 on my main and I have all Pandaria reputations that are linked to dailies at exalted, so no need to do dailies for anything except lesser charms. I've been ignoring lesser charms on my alts so far, but might get them when it's only 50 per week.

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    Like 40.

    I don't do boring ass dailies and I don't pay for WoW to play Pokemon Jr. so I haven't had that many stack up.

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    0-180/week, since I have two mains that I want Runes on
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    Around 1700? I haven't been doing any dailies since I hit exalted with Sunreaver Onslaught and didn't do them for months before this faction was opened up.
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    Exactly 90. Pretty happy about the recent 50 charm cost hotfix. :>

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    And I thought my 1115 was a lot. (I did throw away well over a thousand prior to 5.1 due to inventory constraints, though...)
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    I had about 1900 around November. I have been doing less and less dailies ever since and they started running low. I am at about 500 now and happy about the change.

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    Less than 10 I think. I use them as they come. I don't do dailies every day.
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    I have 450ish. I've been doing the first two phases of Golden Lotus as my daily routine... 9 quests in like 10-12 minutes... can't beat that.

    BTW this hotfix is AWESOME

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    3600 on the main less than half that on my alt.

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    Not enough to turn in on any of my 90s. I don't do dailies.

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    I think I have like 45 right now. Exalted with everyone I want to be so no reason to do dailies except for bonus rolls. I ended up doing dailies for like 50 charms on a Wednesday to make sure I have enough to raid Thursday, because I never do dailies anymore.

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    Under 200 on my main and zero on all my other alts. I don't waste my time with dailies and only do pet battles sparingly.

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    Like 14 but im always doing something somewhere, i still get the weekly quest turned in but i don't farm dailies too much. Pokemon rules though.
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    Hit 50 last night before the reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaos Incarnate View Post
    6412 so far on my main, as I still do dailies every day on it, it will continue to grow
    dayum with coin quest hotfix that is like bonus rolls for 2 years lol

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