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    I don't know if adding a new spec to each class is the right thing to do (or even makes sense), but I think that there are options that could go explored. As a warlock player, I can say that few things intrigued me like the Apotheosis option. I normally prefer to remain dps, but if Blizzard had left it in as a fully-capable tanking option, I'd probably be tanking for my raid now. The way that they changed it was a huge disappointment to me. The only real use it got for me while I still maintained a demonology spec was if an add got loose or a tank died, I could pop DA and hold it for a little while so the offtank could grab it or we could get the MT up.

    I think it's a really interesting design and there's a lot of possibility to look at there. I would much rather build a solid tank set using existing skills (warlocks already have high stamina, mastery by design would be adaptable, and transforming to tank is already in the game) than go the BC route and be a caster in a clown suit to tank (I'm looking at you here, Curator.)

    On the down side, though, as people have said, balancing things is difficult enough, and making sure that another (or worse, several other) tanks or healers have similar enough sets of tools without making them totally OP (and spirits help them if they try to make them PVP-viable) might not be worth the trouble.

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    This wouldn't improve queue times. I mean we already have 4 tanking and 5 healing classes people simply do not enjoy playing tanks / healers as much as they do dps.

    Go play Rift if you don't believe me. Any class can be a tank / healer / dps and you still wait in queues just like in WoW. <=== Check out my Youtube Channel !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivelle View Post
    I would much rather my hunter have a support/healer role than be a tank. Something like a bard, even though those are traditionally rogue classes. Although if rogues got a healing spec it would be the only time I would ever consider leveling one in WoW. I can think of at least two other games with rogues that have tank specs already.

    Mage tanking or healing though is just...ugh. Warlocks already tank and heal themselves well enough in their dps specs.

    If you made my paladin or monk have the ability to ranged dps I would totally play it.
    Mage healing, how could it work - time warden - the mage turns back time on your injuries, thus returning you to a healthier state. Like Nozdormu's evil self in End of Time dungeon from Cataclysm.

    Doe rogues warden would fit perfectly as an evade sort of tank, similar to how we "tanked" in BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowraven View Post
    Sure, it would be something. Though for hunters they could give a healer spec instead of a tank one, maybe priestess of the moon?
    I've liked the idea of a hunter "naturalist" healer, who uses herbs and salves along with nature magic to heal. He could "throw" his healing items at friendlies, and use his ranged weapon to deliver larger volumes for AoE heals. The pet could be commanded to intercept or interfere with attacks, essentially giving a damage absorb effect. Perhaps ranged offensive abilities also heal nearby allies via herb-fletched arrows (arrow-tonement) that are automatically provided in the healing aspect.

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    I think Blizzard almost making Warlocks into tanks pretty much showed that Rogues, Mages, and Hunters could go either way. I would love to see a Rogue using potions and brews to heal allies like an alchemist. They could even use the combo system to make it unique. Combat would make a nice tank spec, but it would have to be pretty distinct from Monk tanks.

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