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    How to get RIFT + Storm Legion + 30 days FOR FREE

    Hey guys,

    at the moment you can get RIFT + Storm Legion AddOn + 30 days of playtime for free. What do you have to do?

    1. Create a TRION/RIFT Lite account and use the following referral code in your account management: --REMOVED--

    Using this code will grant you some nice extra ingame bonuses (+5% exp trinket, title "The Chosen", marks for level 60 gear)

    2. Download RIFT trough your TRION account.

    3. Create a --REMOVED-- account

    4. Download the --REMOVED-- desktop app

    5. Activate RIFT as game in your --REMOVED-- account

    6. Start playing RIFT Lite (for free) and let your gametime track by --REMOVED-- desktop app

    7. Once you reach the RIFT rank "Experienced" in --REMOVED--, you can claim your free copy of RIFT: Storm Legion, including 30 days of free playtime!

    Have fun!!!! :-)

    Any questions? Post here ;-)
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