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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    Many of them are students, I guess. There's nothing wrong with being a student.
    Many of them have full time jobs, and I'm not talking about bad paid jobs that everybody could do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    I get that, once on farm, they usually just clear raids in 1 or 2 short nights. But still, I don´t even fathom the idea of spending 1 or 2 weeks playing 14 to 16 hours. I have a job, family, friends and life to live. I can´t bunker down that long for any 1 thing for so long.

    I´m not trying to point fingers here. its just that I really didnt think it was THAT extreme. A 16 hour raid day meant they got up at some point, started raiding, stopped, went to bed, woke up and went to raid again. Thats just not worth any sort of tittle to me. But, again, thats just me.
    This just in: folks who take things seriously spend a lot of time doing it.

    All of this isn't even counting the time spent to gear up, stock up, gear alts, etc. anyhow.
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    2 hours a week for LFR. 4 if you count queue time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i dont know, actually go on holiday with friends/family. i would hate to waste my holiday each year on raiding :\ but i suppose thats why im not in a top guild.
    To each his own, I guess.
    I hate going on holiday, so I'd rather use my vacation for playing a game than doing so anytime.

    Gosh! The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling that I spend my ingame time terribly ineffectively.
    I play more than most of them, but accomplish a lot less. Should change that asap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seegtease View Post
    I don't get it. Either not having a job, or having a job that allows you to take time off whenever you want is a requirement for this guild, apparently.
    Bands do it all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post
    Hello, I posted this bullet point here with the interest of knowing how much time people spend on the game and particularly on raiding. I would like to hear others oppinions because, for a long time, I heard people say that high end raiders spends several hours a day during progression and then just slowed down during farm. Now, I never thought it was something in over 10 hours a day frame. But 14 - 16 hours game sessions? Damn.

    Regardless of the fact that they "slow down" after world 1st, how much is slow for a person raiding 14 hours a day?

    How much do you spend on raids and in the game for that matter? I, for one, raid 2 to 3 nights a weeks and spend between 2 - 3 hours of raid time each. Thats it, my guild isnt progression at all but I do enjoy what content we get to finish.

    I just say this because I honestly think... the amount of time "high end raiders" spend on the game... sounds unhealthy.
    I don't think so. It is not like they do this all the time. Just during the most competitive time. When the world first is decided, I would just guest it is just regular raiding hours for gearing up for the race for the next content.

    I watched a video documentary about the world first raiders and there some scene showing how disappointed when they lost the world first just by minutes. So I am not surprised they spend all available hours to get the world first since you can only get this once.

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    Actually seems sad for the rest of us to spend 3-5 hours a night, 3-5 days a week for months when we're not world first guilds.

    They put in the time, but I'd say it's much more justified. If you raid 3 nights a week, and can only get a new heroic boss every other week, sounds like much more of a waste of time :P

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    im raiding 10man heroic and we usually spend at least 3 days with 3.5 to 4.5 hours per raiding day. it cant go up to 5 days at max but thats only managable when everyone has the time and feels comfortable with it.

    as for method and other hardcore raiding guilds I am impressed with their skills and their devotion. To me WoW is just a hobby and to be honest its the same for them unless its progress time and the race for world first.
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    Get over it. Overall those guilds spend way less time than your praised average joe raider, who raids 3 days a week.
    They just schedule it differently.

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    Quoting my actual response in the Manaflask interview we had:

    Rogerbrown: First week it was something like this:
    Raid start ~12:00
    15min break ~15:00
    45min break ~20:00
    Raid over ~3:00
    With 5-10 min breaks every ~2 hours.
    For the second week it was the same, except Raid start was around 15:00, and some days even later depending on players' jobs/uni.
    So you see even in the first week, we raided maximum 15 hours per day, many times even less than that (12-14).
    The second week I think the average hours of raiding were probably around 12 per day, since for example on Monday (1 day before Lei Shen kill) we started @19:30 due to work etc, and most of the other days ~14-15.

    MMO-c just made a headline saying that we raided 14-16 hours maybe to sound a bit insane at first sight. Taking into consideration the ~2hour breaks total per day we had, I would say for the 14 days of progress that we had we averaged 12 hours of actual gameplay per day.

    After Lei Shen was down, we went back to our farm raid times (aka 19:30-->24:00). Now we are going to raid only 2 days per week so that's a total of 9 hours per week. Yes sure, we did take time off work or skipped some uni classes (I still went to uni for my 9 am classes ) but who doesn't miss a single day at uni? or who doesn't take some sick days off work to do something else for a week? Anyway, to keep some facts straight, we always had ~9 hours of sleep each day, which is quite healthy, and also took breaks regularly.

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    You gotta understand, the crazy 14-16 hours a day is only for a couple weeks. After the initial world firsts, they have a fairly normal schedule for the next couple weeks. After that, they raid like once a week for only a few hours, because they can clear all the content in that time. It wouldn't surprise me if top guilds only raided 2 hours a week once the content was fully on farm and outgeared.

    This is not a schedule they keep for any significant length of time.
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    I would do it if I was in a guild of that caliber and I didn't have school.

    Right now it's 4x4h with guild + ToT LFR on 7 chars + random pugs if I find em on my alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caballitomalo View Post

    I just say this because I honestly think... the ammount of time "high end raiders" spend on the game... sounds unhealthy.
    Nah it really isn't don't worry. I think it's normal and good. If you want to achieve such things as a world first, go for it.

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    wish I could raid that time pushing more, but our shit roster already getting tired after 1-2 hours of wiping and stop focusing, damn slackers, ofc no progress in result
    really depends on ppl

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    12-14 hours a day during progress, about 4 hours, 1-3 days a week after that

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    do people in these guilds not work? how do they afford to live? they cant make that much money from sponsors surely?
    I often hear that many of the high end raiders are students that just have to catch up on the stuff they missed during progression. And as long as they can pull that off, why not?

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    our normal raid week is 3hours a day and that on 4 different days.

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    I've read of top guilds raiding 20 hours a day during certain raid tiers' progression, I don't know if that was exaggeration or not but if so it was likely a mild one.

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    Yeah after progression is over, they just burn through and do 13/13hc in like 3-4 hours on Tuesday then they're all done and rarely log in for a while until they have to farm PTR for the next tier's raid.
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    If I were single,
    Didn't do shift work,
    Didn't like getting drunk with friends on a regular occasion,
    Didn't decide to have random sleeps in the evening infront of some random Discovery show...

    Then I'd do the same thing. Hats off to people who have that level of dedication - doesn't matter if it's WoW, Chess, Poodle Sculpting. It's an achievement.

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