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    Trying the lite version: Can paladins be DPS or is it a tank ONLY soul?

    *title* pretty much.

    I've always enjoyed paladin-y type characters. And there seem to be some offensive talents in the soul tree for them but I am unsure if they are meant for DPS or if it's just to help with threat or something.

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    Paladin is a tanking soul. But there're hybrids you can use in PvP for example. In PvE group content, Paladin should be used for tanking.

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    Paladin is mostly a tanking soul in Rift


    58 Paladin/18 VK/0 Tempest

    ^ great tanking build

    It is used in some pvp builds for survivability as you are getting face raped by casters and ranged.

    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...nce-point.html

    ^ pvp type build - 44 Warlord 32 Paladin 0champion

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    Paladin DPS talents are meant to help with threat. As others have said, Paladin is a tank soul.

    However, you may combine Paladin with DPS souls such as Tempest, Champion, Paragon or Riftblade in any combination of 3 souls. Natch, can have Paladin + Tank + Tank souls or Pally + DPS + DPS souls. Pally + support + tank souls or Pally + DPS + Tank souls.

    It's pretty flexible.

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    Oh well, will see what I end up with either way. It's a shame I'll be stuck with the trial once the free days expire, can't pay for two subs at once (the other being WoW). Whilst I generally dislike other games being pay2play at least Rift offers a nice alternative to WoW veterans or new players, I just remember the days when every MMO tried to be sub based. Lord the number of 30-day trials me and my friends used up then tossed aside...

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