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    Worried about my fathers health, Please help

    Hello, I am worried about my fathers health and could use some help, He is over weight, He weighs about 22-25 stone (139kg-158kg)

    June last year he asked me to come help him go shopping, Just before we left the house he dropped down and had a heart attack in front of me, Adrenaline kicked in for me and i remembered some random video i watched on guide on Youtube about giving CPR, Which pretty much saved his life. He was not breathing or anything for over 4 minutes, He did however finally get a pulse and become semi-conscious before the ambulance came to take him to hospital.

    After that i decided to move back in with him just in case this happens again and if it does i want to be there and make sure it is not in front of my younger 2 sisters, which are out of the house most days due to college/school.

    So here is what i am worried about, He is 43 years old, He plays wow and has done since early March 2005, up to 16-20 hours daily with short breaks for food/toilet and sleep. On each expansion release he has played without sleep for 3 days, He drinks on average 6 cans of 500ml (3 litres) energy drinks every single day, He smokes and does not work. He is the guild master of a very high ranked guild which i think is one of the reasons he is so addicted.

    I've asked him countless times to go see a doctor and he keeps telling me there is nothing they can do for him so why should he bother, I've asked him to come gym a couple times a week with me, He declines. He will not seek any professional help and I am really worried he may become really ill soon and die.

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    Take away the energy drinks. Those are just pure sugar. Go out for runs as a father-son bonding time for an hour a day. Try to get him to quit smoking or limit his habit of that. He only 43 so working out each day shouldn't be to much for him.

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    You can't help a man that won't help himself, unless he gets motivated he is going to die soon. Try to scare him into action.

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    He should cut out the Energy drinks..thats way too much for anyone of any age

    Find healthier alternatives like the drops you put in your water or 5 hour energy

    Smoking is also not helping him with the energy drinks

    Again find alternatives such as medicinal weed instead of cigs..far better then nicotine and tar all together
    or just take his cigs away tell him you love him and dont want anything to happen to him

    Motivate him and tell him to stop that you are worried and so will your sisters
    he's only 43

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    Weight loss is about your diet, going to the gym is not going to help. Not until you are close to goal weight, anyway. You're just going to have some hot, sweaty, smelly old bastard stinking up the house. Energy Drinks are like Sodas, probably a lot worse. Moderation.

    The man needs a lifestyle change, not to run a mile and jump rope every day.

    I think that if he is that far along and can't see how harmful it is, then he is pretty much hopeless. If there is going to be a change, it will come on it's own.
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    If you can get him off the cigarets his health will improve dramatically try the smokeless ones none of that tar and other bad shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    You can't help a man that won't help himself, unless he gets motivated he is going to die soon. Try to scare him into action.
    Pretty much this. If he doesnt want help there really isnt anything you can do. You can try to appeal to his heart with an impassionned plea but if he isnt willing there isnt much you can do. I was fortunate. My dad took his heart attack at the age of 54 as a warning and really turned his health around. Your dad needs a good scare but if the heart attack he had prior wouldnt do it, I dont know what will.

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    I don't think you can change him. If he's determined to kill himself, he's going to do it.
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    Maybe you should talk to his guild and try to find some people who are willing to encourage your father to get healthier. Just an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNationGamer View Post
    Again find alternatives such as medicinal weed instead of cigs..far better then nicotine and tar
    For starters; tar is a byproduct of combusting organic materials, especially oily ones. Considering that THC is an oily substance, marijuana smoke has more tar than tobacco smoke, but even if you smoked onions, or lettuce, or bacon, it would still be depositing tar into your lungs smoke is bad in general, your cardiovascular system doesn't give a shit where it comes from.

    And both nicotine and THC cause elevated heart rate, which is bad in general, but bad^2 when talking about somebody who has heart health issues. Caffeine also causes elevated heart rate. If somebody has heart disease, they should avoid smoking (anything) and caffeine.

    But considering the OPs post count and fantastical tale of somehow knowing how to properly perform CPR from a YouTube video (because I know when I'm on YouTube I'm there to look at NOTHING BUT first aid training videos) he is probably Trying Really Overtly to Lure Legions-of-argumentative-individuals

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    You could try an intervention. It may sound corny, but it may help.

    Gather your sisters and other close relatives, have each one make a list about their dad, why they love him and why they are concerned about him. Essentially, give him a good hard slap with the reality-check-hand.
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    Assuming that this isn't just a troll. If he didn't change his behaviour even after a heart attack he's very determined to committing suicide and you should either (if your country allows this) try to get him forcefully admitted, probably difficult but not necessarily impossible without him doing "actual" drugs (emphasize his health and energy drink usage), or prepare yourself for his inevitable death.

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