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    5.2 pvp specc and talents help

    currently i am BM with a Mewcat what i want to know is are MM and SURV any good in PVP what are there pro's and cons compared to BM also im doing random bg's i dnt play any rated PVP

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    Currently, there is no pros to playing MM other than for fun, same with sv, MM will be much more viable next patch when binding shot becomes baseline and bw gets nerfed (i know it's sad that a nerf makes another spec more viable :/) im currently playing mm pvp and it works okay, surprisingly i can 1v1 rogues and warlocks in 2's when my team mate goes down.
    although, for random BG's all 3 specs are viable. survival can be devestating against teams that dont dispell, and entrapment can make a warrior rage

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    my 2nd specc is SURV as nobody dispells in random bg's

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