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    Fervor VS Dire Beast

    So, I've always been told and found that Dire Beast>Fervor, however, during progression, I have swapped to Fervor and been burning all my focus out with Arcanes before popping Fervor, it seems to be increasing my dps, but I don't know if it is increasing my damage. It could just be a burst vs longevity thing, but could anyone who is better with numbers help me out with this?

    I have also changed up my opening rotation by doing ES>SS>BA>Fervor>MoC>GT>ES, is this optimal?

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    Fervor makes my rotation alot smoother, I dont know for sure if it increases my actual total damage output, but I have not seen any significant decrease in dps and I can use amoc and BA on cd alot more than with DB spamming cobra trying to get enough focus.

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    Fervor adds so much freedom to the rotation. Feels so slow playing without it after getting used to it.

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    Iirc, DB simmed highest early on and so a lot of people took it early. However, DB damage doesn't go up as much as your pet's damage does as your ilvl increases, so Fervor begins to outshine it (since part of fervor is more focus for your pet). Also, you don't have to worry about pet uptime if you skip DB. And it does make AMoC simpler.

    That may not be 100% accurate, but it's a decent representation for why many hunters use Fervor over DB now. According to worldofwargraphs, almost 2/3 of top SV hunters use Fervor, 1/3 use TotH (probably for aoe fights), and ~3% use DB.

    At any rate, use femaledwarf or simcraft to check your damage and compare it btwn the two. Even if DB were slightly higher, if you're more comfortable and better at using Fervor appropriately (which it sounds like you have the basic idea) or there are constant target swaps or w/e, you'll in practice probably do better with Fervor.

    I'm not going to say optimal because someone would come in and write a long post explaining how it's not technically optimal. However, it's good. A couple of things to consider, though. 1) You *may* want to cast BA before SrS. I believe it's a wash. SrS is higher DPS I think and triggers Viper Venom, so arguably should go up first, but BA can mean a quicker LnL proc. 2) You should probably squeeze Stampede in before the 2nd ES since you have enough globals (Fervor doesn't trigger the GCD). Then, after the 2nd ES, hit Readiness (assuming you hit RF at the opener; it too not being on the GCD). From there, ES > GT > Arcanes to deplete focus for next Fervor. To squeeze the most out of that first Fervor, though, you'll want to wait for the 10 seconds to elapse from the first cast. If you get a LnL in there, you'll want to use it up before the Readiness. If there is a second target you're dotting up (like on Council, generally you'll be main targeting Sul, but Frosty gets empowered and needs some love too), you can hit them with the BA and Crows that come back up with Readiness (though an explosive trap is a better call if the mobs are stacked).

    Just note, I wouldn't lean too heavily on "Well, I've been seeing higher numbers," or "It feels higher now," etc. Check femaledwarf.com to see if it's better or not. There are a lot of variables from week to week, not to mention that even if everything else were the same, a lot of your damage is RNG. An inferior talent choice with good RNG can easily outperform the superior choice with bad RNG.

    ETA: Also, this is discussed more thoroughly here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...r-fervor-vs-DB
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    I am enjoying the swap to fervor personally. It really makes things feel smoother overall w/o having to spam CoS. This will be my 1st raiding week with it so I will see how that goes Sun/Mon. I am loving it in heroics and dailies though!

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    Dire beast is still #1 for BM though I believe. Forced to roll BM right now (lol missing hero in our 10 man) and Fervor is simming really low compared to DB (for BM) on FD.

    Personally I can't wait to get more gear (Currently 500 ilevel = lolblows). I was scoring 95+ percentile on DPS for hunters back in early MoP and then I took a break when 5.1 hit, really slacking now, hurts :V

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    as sayd above,Fervor adds so much freedom and smooths the rotation so much that i don't even play sv without it anymore (except on aoe heavy fights where toth+barrage is roflstomp)

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    For heroics and dailies, I much prefer TotH.

    I think DB sims higher for BM b/c it benefits from BM mastery.

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    Sigh, "Let's ingore the 3 page-long discussion about this very same issue and create a whole new thread!". Please use the search function or at least look at the first 2 pages of Forum before you make these threads. A thread concerning the same subject is on the first page.


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    I used TotH for the beginning of MoP and I liked it. I used DB for BM. Recently I swtiched over to Fervor and I feel like my dps went up and it makes the rotation much smoother. Like others said you will not have to spam CS for almost anything and more than likely you will have BA and AMoC used on cd.

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