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    Old Raid and Instance Team

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience or knows if these classes work good as a team for the older content up to and including Cataclysm.

    Wife has - Enhancement Shaman, Survival Hunter

    I have - Elemental Shaman, BM Hunter

    I realize its basically the same 2 classes but the wife is being indecisive about what she wants to pair up with mine. So I thought I'ld post here and show her any responses to help her. Thanks

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    The BM hunter gives you a tank for old raids that you can mainly keep alive with mend pet, and then the shaman can help with DPS and throw the off heal when needed.

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    Thanks for the reply. Would that be the Elemental Shaman your talking about for the off heals?

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    zHonestly, either hunter will work with either shaman. A BM hunter will likely have a slightly stronger tanking capability, so to optimize I'd do BM hunter and shammy. I dont have a high level shammy but if it's like a druid, you have access to some healing spells in every spec, more in resto of course. I'd favor elemental shaman since you can both then dps for range and, as long as you keep aggro on the pet tank, you won't take much damage yourselves. If you use the Enhance shammy you'll need to watch cleaves, whirlwinds, etc.

    Things to remember... Always misdirect to the pet to help with threat. Keeping the pet alive > your DPS so keep Mend Pet running on it and the shaman should heal it if it's getting low. You can also drop aggro as the hunter with Feign, which will help. Skada and Recount have views that show threat so you can see when you're creeping up on the pet.

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    BM Hunter & SV Hunter.
    Will work better since you can cheese many stuff with feign death & taunt.
    Examples: Yogg+0 25man p3 adds, LK HC 25man Valks or the plague in P1 and much more.

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