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    World boss loot suggestion

    Not sure if this as already been addressed in a thread elsewhere; but in regards to the loot-table for world bosses, I have a suggestion/complaint. Yes, I have already submitted an in-game suggestion on the matter, but also posting about it here in hopes that others may feel similarly about it.

    REMOVE the "bag of gold" received after a world boss is killed, just awarding the armor pieces. If the item given is not a usable upgrade, THEN we can vendor it for gold; and most times the vendor amount = the amount in the bags anyway. Just seems like a logical solution/option to be considered.

    Why?! Due to certain circumstances, I am unable to utilize LFR, Heroics or PvP. As such, being able to obtain gear from reputation grinds (since they mostly require valor) is also an extremely slow process; difficult to make any substantial progress on. Thus, World Boss loot (gear) is my primary means of obtaining upgrades.

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    Obtaining loot from kills is not and has never been a certainty in this game. There has always been a random element to drops and in my opinion there is no reason for this to change.

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    You shouldn't get a better chance at gear from a world boss that anyone can tag and not really contribute to killing. If you want pve gear raiding should be the way to get it.

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    So you want guaranteed loot from world bosses or am I reading it wrong? Yeah that's something that will definitly get implemented... /sarcasm

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    Okay, I admit I was wrong.

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    Chance for things besides gold/loot wouldn't be that bad of an idea though.

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