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    Thoughts on Blood dps/Frost 2H sockets

    I just wondered what would be better: pure haste sockets and ignoring nearly all socket bonuses, or pure strenght mixed with str/haste and taking the bonuses. What do you think would be better for a 2H frost specc, and what for blood dps? I really have mixed feelings about this.
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    Str is always > haste. I'd imagine you take str/haste or str no matter what. Admittedly I am out of practice on my dk, but I don't think it's changed that much.

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    Most Frost dks (only frost not blood dps) i see are on pure haste, that's my concern.
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    Most frost DKs are wrong.

    Haste is a better stat, but only on patchwerk fights.

    Once you factor any ANY gcds where you're not in melee range, switching targets, lag, and the extra runic power of AMS, str is superior.

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    I always felt a bit wrong taking str sockets in my dps gear since EVERY dk was on haste, it's nice to hear that :B
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    While people are right in advising for going strength gemming for frost, blood dps is another beast. The best offensive stat for Blood dps, while still caring about survivability is by far haste.

    In a proper raid, your vengeance levels will be so high (talking a minimum of 100k+ to upwards of 300k+ AP), you can easily see that strengths benefit just PALES compared to secondary stats.

    How much will 10 sockets of full strength increase your 100k AP pool? 10x160x2 roughly, meaning 'just' another 3.2k AP more. If you consider that 10x320= 3.2k haste could also be gained from the same amount of sockets, you will see how much better haste will scale with your vengeance.

    I have not yet tried out a heavy crit build, because that would be even more detrimental to our survival, but it might be that crit wcould be our best stat, but outside of dps it is completely useless.

    Just the change from str to haste gems brought me from top 100 ranks to top 20 ranks on pretty much alll fights that I have attempted with it as blood, take that as you will.

    Do notify your raid that you're doing this, if you play perfectly they wont notice much of a difference, but hell does this build make it insanely fun to absolutely wreck the DPS charts. 40% raidbuffed haste is nothing to sneeze at.

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