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    It may be extreme but for me it's a kind of second life, like in real life, i have some obligations, jobs are just real life's daily quests, in fact, almost everything you are doing outside Arena and Raids (which for me correspond to the real game) have an equivalent in real life, you have to take care of your char as of yourself in real life, you can now dress it as you want, as in real life, in fact when you are playing WoW you are nearly living on Azeroth.

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    Er... who says gaming can't be a hobby?

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    It's more than a game, A guy in our office has a murlok ring tone, and every time it goes off I laugh and everyone thinks im insane

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    I consider it a hobby. I spend a lot of time playing it, and trying to be better at it, as I would any other hobby. Plus I really enjoy the aspects outside of the game as well, especially the books.

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    It's a hobby for me, I enjoy spending my free time playing it like any other hobby I have, I put time into it and get enjoyment back. I love to bake, craft, read, swim all hobbies, but at the end of the day it's also only a game, and the guy in that thread you linked while I can understand and sympathise with the topic, the way he went about it seems a bit extreme. I play and understand that the game is random alot of the time, so when things don't go as planned I just shrug it off and move on.

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    hobby for me, I don't go looking up monopoly strats on a forum
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    Wow is nothing but time sink to our life !
    Collecting X things killing X things its the same thing with different names . Probably something new sometimes but still not appealing enough .
    Mounts with remapped skins . Mounts turning into boss and vice versa .
    Lore which was interesting but now its not so complex or not as interesting as before .

    Overall game is just a way to pass time if u have nothing good to do in real life .
    I would any day hangout out with my GF or friends or watch something interesting TV show if its coming up or buy and play new good games is out .

    Its like Game of hearts or minesweeper when u get bored u turn on wow to kill time .

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    The answer is yes. Games are hobbies.

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    As others said, it's a game that potentially can become a hobby if you make that choice.

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    Gaming is a hobby that inspires more rage than any old school hobby ever could.

    My parents enjoyed making stained glass pictures and when a crucial piece of glass would break improperly during cutting and they had to go buy a new sheet of glass, my father would go mad... but it was never as berserk as I've seen gamers get over smaller, more trivial in-game quirks, mistakes, errors, etc.

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    It is definitely a hobby for me, since much effort and enjoyment goes into my game beyond actually playing it (theorycrafting, studying boss fights, rotation practice, etc.). It is a much appreciated hobby too, as it is so flexible. Being a parent and a business owner I had to give up the 4 days a week I once devoted to my previous hobby golf (between weekend rounds and weeknight range practice). WoW is a hobby that can adjust to various schedule demands, for which I am grateful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowraven View Post
    Games as a whole are a hobby. But you're asking if WoW alone is a hobby... yes and no. The game alone is a bit shallow for that, but if you take in mind the entire franchise, from Warcraft Orcs and Humans, including books, figurines etc, then yes, it's a hobby. The game alone and on its own however not quite. As part of the great video games playing hobby, sure. That's how I see it.
    I have to disagree with you... WoW in itself is the biggest hobby so many things to do for everyone, from collecting pets and mounts to collecting armors and weapons to exploring the world... I don't really see how buying something off the internet(figurines and stuff that u don't even have to assemble) can be considered a hobby ... unless you hobby is spending money...

    WoW is a hobby for the collectioners :P I fore example love collecting battle pets(even though I don't really enjoy the pet battles) and to some extent mounts, and I consider that a Hobby within a game...

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    It's both a game and a hobby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparowe View Post
    hobby for me, I don't go looking up monopoly strats on a forum
    Best answer ever.

    For me, I think video games are a hobby, and WoW is the main video game I play. It's a fairly cheap hobby too, and sometimes I think that makes it easier to edge into the category of "unhealthy." I raid 12-15 hours a week, and that doesn't include random time trying to cap VP (because for some reason I can't do this in a raid), doing LFR on alts, leveling alts, keeping up with raid mats, etc. I've been playing online games for almost 25 years, and when we had to pay for Prodigy and Compuserve and AOL by the hour, gaming was at a hobby-level amount of hours spent. When AOL was 2.95 an hour, I never spent more than 10 hours a week in a game, and that's only because AOL gave you 20 free hours. That's like 4 times more than what I pay for WoW now, for a fraction of the time, plus I have a real job now which pays me real money so it seems like even less.

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    WoW can be anything from just a game to an actual career for some people.

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    Seems like a bit of a paradox.

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    I usually look at MMOs as a hobby, WoW included, mostly because of what exactly you do in it. Most of the time you're trying to complete something for the sake of completing it, which falls in line with a hobby.
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    Its what it yearns to be ... payed for by you for you in you and up you!

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    Real life is a hobby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    It's just a game. No matter what other people tell you, it is only just a game. And a dangerous game, to that matter.
    It can be either. No matter what people tell you. It can be a hobby too. Anything can. Folding toilet paper can be a hobby. And anything can be dangerous. Carrying your laundry up the stairs can be dangerous. Eating a french fry can be dangerous. But I'm being overly dramatic. Just like you are.

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