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    Is WoW just a game? Or is it a hobby?

    I just clicked on that blue post where the guy is RAGING about the loot.
    and I chuckled a little bit because I thought to myself "dude its just a game". But then I started thinking about something. When i was younger, I was building a PUZZ 3D(gotta be old school to know what that is) and someone knocked it over, and I raged bad. It was my hobby to build little models. And someone made it THAT MUCH more difficult to achieve what I wanted to achieve. So now im thinking its not a game, its a hobby...Im not set on my decision to re classify it in my mind, so i need to ask you guys..

    My new understanding of why its a hobby to me NOW is, i spend money on it, more importantly I spend time on WoW, it sounds like a hobby to me. But I have been wrong before. What do you guys think?

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    It used to be a hobby, now it's a game.

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    honestly? it's what you make it

    if it's just a game to you, then it's just a game. if it is more than that, then it is so.
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    It's just a game, but it can also be a hobby. Anything can be a hobby.

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    Some people play, leave, play, leave and never amount to anything really in-game. I see people with vanilla achievements, but only 5k or so achi points and just about no FoS. They don't care much for changes or balance or anything as long as they can come back now and then when feeling the urge to do so.

    Then there are players like me. I have been playing this game almost exclusively since I tried it in 2009, only having short breaks for spectacular new games (Red dead redemption, Ni no Kuni) and when trying other mmos that have then turned out to be way inferior. I really love my toons and memories in this game, and I'd get VERY upset if I would lose my account. Some people can SELL their accounts and start new, I'd never do that. I never grow emo and look for ways to dislike the game, I've never unsubbed and I've never even thought about quitting.

    SO, it can be both I'd say, depending on how involved and interested you get in the world of warcraft. To some people it is "just a a game", these are probably the ones you can see behaving like schmucks in-game a lot of the times, whilst to others it is a true hobby which they put a lot of time and money into.

    Someone might think me crazy for paying 299 usd for a mount for a game. I find it ludacris that someone can pay 299 usd to go riding on gushing, cold water without equipment for underwater breathing!!...but, to each his own. . My OTHER and most important hobby is animals, mainly dogs and the money I spend on WoW has been topped many times over on that account. Insurances for dog and aquarium, shows, competitions, training, purebred puppies etc etc...somehow though, people are more forgiving about this than a hobby that involves me sitting by a computer...until they realize that the dogs I own, are rottweilers...haha.
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    Games as a whole are a hobby. But you're asking if WoW alone is a hobby... yes and no. The game alone is a bit shallow for that, but if you take in mind the entire franchise, from Warcraft Orcs and Humans, including books, figurines etc, then yes, it's a hobby. The game alone and on its own however not quite. As part of the great video games playing hobby, sure. That's how I see it.

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    I've always felt that a game ends while a hobby never does and by that definition, at least in my case, WoW is definitely a hobby. I've grown bored with it at times -- even came close to cancelling my subscription once or twice -- but at the end of the day the game's sheer size means that, no matter what happens, I'll always find some new and interesting corner to keep me occupied.
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    hobby... even an addiction at times

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    Games are hobbies. And yes you can rage at hobbies . Love Rygarius snark response lol.
    Aye mate

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    It's just a game. No matter what other people tell you, it is only just a game. And a dangerous game, to that matter.

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    I consider it a hobby. It's no different that people who, say, love to fish, or take photos or hell even gardening. There's no difference at all.

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    Games are hobbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    It's just a game. No matter what other people tell you, it is only just a game. And a dangerous game, to that matter.
    I know, right? There are dragons and hellbeasts everywhere.

    Also, and this is unrelated to everything, but if there isn't a hunter PVP blog called "The Most Dangerous Game" out there somewhere, I'll be sorely disappointed.
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    Game, hobby, addiction.
    For me, it's a bit of everything.

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    It's both, gaming can be a hobby to some people though not for everyone.
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    a game, a hobby, or both

    for some people it's an obsession

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    It's what you make of it I suppose. I'm sure it's more than a hobby to die-hard raiders and PVPers who make a living streaming it.

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    A hobby is "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation." So yes, WoW could be considered a hobby for many people.

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    It's Real Life.

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    It's a game.

    It's only a hobby if you make it one.
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