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    Perhaps you've become crosseyed in your fit of rage while you were typing up your post but clearly your ability to comprehend is the issue here. The problem is that they attached coins for extra raid loot for dailies. A system that has zero to do with raiding. Had you earned coins FOR raiding to get extra raid gear that makes sense.
    My fit of rage? Says the guy who's cursing and swearing about his opinion on firing a guy, when let's face it, you have NO IDEA what GC's actual job entails. You don't know what tasks he's in charge of, what decisions he's made, or what decisions OTHER people have made that you're attributing to him, yet somehow you've thought it logical to lay all of YOUR problems with the game onto him. And I'm angry? Please.

    And you should get raiding rewards for raiding? Hmm, funny enough, why don't I step into easy 4.3 FIVE-MANS to get gear that matches Normal Firelands gear? Because easy 5mans are raids, right? Why don't I do an easy FIVE MAN to skip raiding content? I mean, the way it is now? Where I have to actually RAID to get into raiding? That's SOOO dumbing it down, am I right? Who wants to wait an hour-long queue to gear up an alt? We should do it like in Cata where we can do an easy 5man to get raid-level gear! Because that's the harder, non-dumbed down way of doing it!

    And way to distill my argument to something completely idiotic about class homogenization. Don't pretend it doesn't exist because it does and it makes the game boring when each classes play exactly the same and don't offer anything unique in terms of gameplay.
    Oh really? How about we take a look at the way you formulated a completely idiotic point about class homogenization? First off, you're ignoring the painfully easy rotations of old WoW, AND you literally said "And now every class is the same with almost zero differentiation. dps dps dps dps. wait for some stack to reach 5, use special and repeat. yeah, keep going though."

    Tell me, where in the Fury or Arms rotation am I waiting for a stack to reach 5 then using a special?

    Let's be honest here, you are doing COMPLETELY what you're telling me not to do: distilling things to completely idiotic proportions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    You just answered your own remark of being "baffled" how these huge numbers of subs come around.

    Blizzard alone (not activision) made more than 1.600 million dollars in 2012... Subsctract the 500 million of D3 and you have your revenue stream of WoW on a yearly basis.

    The only other MMO which publishes its money stream is Eve and that game lingers around 50 million dollars yearly.


    So unless Blizzard makes this billion with illegal Columbian drug dealing ... I guess you were owned by their world wide subscriptions indeed.
    Oh really? So in 2012 the only sources of Blizzard income were Diablo III box sales and WoW subscriptions? Really? Please, when you are making mathematical arguments supported with evidence, at least try to make those evidence even remotely accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by BenBos View Post
    As to your last argument of "supporting" a successful company: be glad Blizzard even exists or we would play all those other "wonderful" crappy MMO's ...

    As I stated: almost all the rest of the bunch went free to p(l)ay, so the battle of the subs (and the money) is already over for years.

    Subs don't even exist anymore with all these duds people had to endure for years long hyping. So ANY number of X million subs owns 0 subs anytime.
    And here is again just a proof that you are a hopeless fanboy who cant open his mind to anything that is not WoW. And at least acknowledge any sort of competition. Dont get me wrong, there are such people in every single yard. The EvE Online community which you mentioned is full of people who keeps preaching about how "WoW is total shit for kids and retards". I "hate" them as much as I "hate" WoW lunatics which you apparently represent. I spent around 9000 hours playing WoW (maybe even over 9000! - pun not intended) since Vanilla. There are nerds far more dedicated than me but I have reason to believe I have my fair share of experience. And I loved it. Yet I stopped playing it when Dragon Soul raid came out becouse simply after all those years I got bored. THE GAME GOT OLD. I tried to play MoP but I only endured for 2 months and I am not coming back. Maybe I will try next expansion if they will advertise something cool. And I also have no interest with WoW subs going down or up. It just does not concern me. But then I surf around MMO Champion and I stumble on posts from people like you. "WoW is the BEST. Rest is SHIT! WoW number ONE subs! Rest is SHIT! Only WoW matters! Rest is SHIT. All who disagree are haters! Only WoW! Rest is SHIT!." That pretty much sums it up BenBos. And guess what, I play/played several of those "duds" which you mention and I had great fun doing it. I am subscriber of EvE since 2006 and never stopped. I am playing another MMO since last year and I would not exchange it for WoW becouse WoW bores me and this other game does not. So yeah, I play all those "other crappy MMOs" as you call it. Can you even try to imagine such concept in your head? Or it cant squeeze in through the "WOW IS BESTEST!" wall?

    PS. And why you keep repeating that nonsense about "battle for money". I dont get it at all. Would this also mean all retail stores in the world should GTFO becouse Walmart gets most revenue? And I think Toyota got their #1 spot in car sales. Close down all US automobile business NOW!

    PS2. I normally dont argue about such things but you BenBos together with the other guy whos name I dont remember (but he has Yosemite Sam on his avatar) are two biggest fanboy propaganda producers on this forum. The amount of blind fanaticism is just too damn high and demands a response. I dont have any issues with WoW fans in general. WoW is a great game but that does not mean one should keep shitting on everything else.
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    I'm predicting a growth in subs. I believe wow can only grow from this awesome expansion.

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    I hope it's a huge loss so they wake up and change something drastically. Or decide to put more investment into future projects.

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