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  • Hmmm, maybe if it didnt take away from development of end game content.

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  • Definetly not.

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    Who would like to see dynamic world events?

    One of the few things I enjoyed in Rift were the rifts. I think something similar in WoW would help the world feel more alive and give another reason for people to be out in the world. I know that initially it would take a lot of work to add, but once in it would be easy to expand into each new area. In Outlands they could have random Burning Legion attacks, in Northrend you can have Scourge attacks, Sha or Mantid in Pandaria, Horde/Alliance invansions in the Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms ect. What do you all think?

    Edit: As mentioned below, GW2 had great dynamic world events that are more like what I was thinking for WoW.
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    If done right and it was fun, yea.

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    While it'd be neat, I doubt meaningful content could be produced without a fairly significant investment.
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    If they can pull it off good yes otherwise no

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    If they can pull it off similar to how Guild Wars 2 handles dynamic events, then yes. But if it feels clunky and unnatural, then no.
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    GW2 did a great job of it. Actually that style would be a better comparison to what I was thinking for WoW.

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    Love the idea!

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    I would be all for it as long as they could properly implement it.
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    Dynamic events happen on pvp realms all the time ;-)

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    I didn't like them in GW2, but that's because they replaced questing. Rifts and zone invasions in Rift? They were a bit repetitive, but damn, seeing so many people out in the open world was a blast.

    So as a supplement, and not a replacement for quests, it'd be pretty awesome to have. Would get people out in the world, and it'd be fun to do stuff with your server.

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    I just want the zombie event back for one weekend per month or something. That event was most definitely the most fun I ever had in WoW. If that is a dynamic world event, then yes, I want them.
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    WoW has the potential to be a great game, I feel like WOTLK events scared the devs into thinking they no longer could introduce world events into the game effectively. I always wondered why Blizzard didn't dedicate some moderators into world pve/pvp for the servers. Nothing better in a game then some random shit to keep you occupied in a zone. Blizzard has the potential but I have a feeling it is fear of the wrath of the QQers that blizzard doesn't implement more Dynamic events. This game really needs it to bring the soul/community back into the game, they don't seem to understand that people will play game like CS 1.6 until they are blue in the face because the game provides fun/competitive replay value. Blizzard has yet to learn from some of gaming's longest lasting games on how to keep its player base strong and active by just making the game FUN. It is always this new content bullshit, people don't just need new content they need fun content that can stand the test of time. PvE has a standard of constant development, PVP does not require this, It simple requires proper implementation which blizzard is yet to do.

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    What I would like to see most is more exploration type content. I absolutely loved the jumping puzzles and all of the hidden dungeons in in GW2. The best we have is jumping on our flying mount and chasing after rares and such. There's a very limited assortment of caves as well. They're all mostly copies of other caves that are pasted into the world somewhere. I'd really love to see some awesome caves/dungeons where there's no clear direction that you should be going that leave it to you to explore and find whatever may be in it.

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