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    How many times did you wipe on Lei-shen LFR this week?

    I'm randomly curious so I'll start - It took 5 attempts meaning 25% of a buff to get him down :P

    - Most fails were dying to static shock apparently and not soaking the adds.

    Your turn!

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    Last week it took my LFR 4 attempts, but we only had 3 stacks of the buff. Our first wipe was too quick for the buff.

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    0 in two weeks. gonna love having friends in high places

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    3, mostly people had a hard time spreading for diffusion chain, stacking for static shock and soaking the balls to prevent adds from spawning, and it always was the transition ( no idea if that is spelled correctly ) phases that brutally murdered us.

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    First time I walked in, I walked into a group with a 5 stack on. I left after it hit 8. Next time I got into one that had a 7 stack. Next I got into a new Lei Shen and took that to a 6 stack. I love when people try to organize things by saying, "In the transition phase, group 1 blue, group 2 red, group 3 purple, group 4 yellow. Everyone else, pick one." I had someone say, "The worlds greatest scientists are trying to figure out what you just said. F**k that just pull this!" Incoming 4 more wipes.

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    Last week 7, this week 1, think people are gettong the mechanics down

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    I think most people should know tacts this week^^
    At least more than 5 players

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    Once and only because the servers reset while my group of 11 friends were there. We all logged back in and still had Violent Gale Winds and Lightning Discharge debuffs which promptly killed us @[email protected]

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    I queue'd alone and got a group that managed to down him in 4 pulls. Not too bad imo.

    Our first attempt was horrible (even after explanation) but I constantly explained the fight to them before and mid-pull to remind people what they should be doing.

    EDIT: I was the tank that dictated where the boss was regarding to pillars, I think that can make a difference too.
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    Last week 6, tonight 1.

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    Havent touched him yet, not planning too
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    Lei-shen was easy, 1 wipe on first run - then got him down.

    Still wiping 5-10 times per week on the bloody maze boss.

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    3 or 4 last week.

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    11. Got to 7 in one group and left, 4 in another and people learned how to soak.

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    insta que and another fail bag.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    I gave up after wipe no. 6 or so...we always got to the First transition and were then overwhelmed by the damn adds because no one wanted to listen and it was like everyon standing in 1 place so the bouncing bolt went to town on the whole platform.
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    0. Nearly full guild group ftw

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    Killed him in 3 tries in LFR, not bad if I say so myself.
    Gonna go ahead and kill him again friday.
    Raid night tonight & tomorrow!

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    Zero. I don't get wipes on Lei Shen. Guaranteed 3-4 on Animus though.

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    4 times, so we had a 20% buff or so. Then he died.

    I highly recommend doing the following in random groups / LFR:
    Because some players *WILL* leave after 1 or 2 wipes (especially good players who are more easily annoyed), several new players will join the raid all the time. Those players will probably have no idea of the fight. That is why you (yes, you, because no one else will) should prepare a short copy-paste text explaining the fight (just the absolute necessities - what to stand in, where to run from). Ideally this should be done in 2-3 in-game messages. Then paste that into raid chat. When a new player comes in, paste it again.

    If you don't do that, and just somehow expect that people know the fight, then you'll have guaranteed wipes. It's a fight that requires a bit of coordination.

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