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    None. Also none last week. Then, I usually go with a guildie group of 10+ people.

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    Like 7 first week. Last week 3-4. I expect that number to go down this week.

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    One wipe last week, Monday night (and people seem to be on alts because they knew what to do for the most part). The one wipe was the tank admittedly screwing up on something I don't remember, but it wiped us. Fixed that problem and killed the guy easy. No guild groups.

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    6 this week. Amazingly, everyone seemed to understand the mechanics, except for the tanks. They'd either stay at pillars forever, or move after about 15 seconds. They'd tank the boss in no man's man between the pillars, and then pull the boss to the overloaded corners.

    Whenever we explained the mistake to the tank, they'd fix it... and then make a mistake in an area they had been doing fine in before that.

    All the dps and healers seemed to do just fine on the stacking/soaking stuff.

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    One shot him, was a long fight as some people died during, but enough survived to get it done

    3 wipes last week though
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    First visit was 5 stacks, not bad at all. Going back this evening.

    Watching emo's ragequit after a wipe is always amusing.
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    Zero times, and to clarify, I did kill him this reset on LFR.

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    4 or 5 last week, no kill (had to leave for guild raid), haven't tried this week (probably will tonight or tomorrow at latest).

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    I usually try to do my LFRs on Tuesday because most of the better players also seem to run earlier in the week. However, last week I didn't end up running the second half of ToT until the weekend and color me surprised but we didn't wipe on Lei Shen at all. Sure, more than half the raid died on it but we still killed him first attempt.

    I was busy with some RL stuff yesterday and had a massive headache/allergies all day so I didn't end up doing much of anything in game yesterday, but I plan to hopefully run today and hoping I'll not have any wipes again this week.

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    We went in with 8 guildies last night. My self and the other tank, one of our main healers and dps... we wiped twice before I had to run and both times were for the same reason... peoepl in a quadrant not gettign in between the balls and the floor as they droped mass adds spawsning and by the time we got there is was game over because too many died! Really sucks becuase there is nothign you can do if your not in that quadrant at the time the balls fall

    Wish blizz would make it so that only 1 add can spawn in LFR and they dont just keep bouncing and popping out adds... each's always those godamn adds ARG!

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    Got him down after 1 attempt last night. We probably would have gotten him down on the first attempt but got some bad luck with the 2nd transition phase.

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    One wipe because of a facepull.

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    Two on my warrior.

    We had a large chunk of DPS in a pre-made who knew what they were doing so we had enough to get through transitions.

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    We got him to 1% on pull #3, and then by fail #7 I left the group. On the final wipe the tanks pulled the boss onto the electrified floor and everyone but me followed the tank right into that quarter of the floor and stayed there even though it was obvious they were all loosing hit points. I couldn't do anything but watch them wipe and the boss running towards me to 1 shot me. You would think in 7 attempts the majority of them would of figured out that the electrified floor was bad, especially since we got him to 1% already.

    What I do like is seeing LFR mechanics which punish AFKers, and this fight is definately one of those. I also notice a lot of tanks are trying to sneak into the que with PVP gear on, and a lot of dps qeuing up as heals. I've seen a few dps guys in tank specs because they want tank gear but they don't want to tank. Its gotten to the point that I have to check every tanks gear and every healers spec before we start. Too bad there isnt an addon that would do this for us.

    With lots of mechanics and people queing up for roles they dont intent to fulfill with gear that doesnt have tank stats on them its no wonder we wipe so much on Lei Shen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Lei-shen was easy, 1 wipe on first run - then got him down.

    Still wiping 5-10 times per week on the bloody maze boss.
    Huh. I did Durumu last night for the first time. I think maybe one person died. Tank marked himself and told everyone to stack on him at the start of the maze phase, and it was almost trivial.
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    five wipes, not an insanely large amount even if id prefer to not wipe at all in LFR.

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    Gave up after 6 wipes, Lei Shen didn't drop anything that was worth getting a rage-headache over...

    Worst thing of all this is that it messes up how LFR-queueing works, good luck getting a full run of pinnacle of thunder if so many wipes (And ragequits) occur at Lei Shen, and with the number of replacements happening, even the "preferred" fresh group after finishing up a LFR-wing becomes a long shot too.

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    5 wipe, first time I kill him. Last wak I tried him several times on different chars (even different faction) and cumulating 23 wipe (7-6-8-2 on 4 chars) but never a kill.
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    3, it's new content and people are impatient. All good though, it's still fun so I enjoy even the failed attempts.

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    Haven't been there at all, new LFR wing with last boss isn't something I would enjoy the first few weeks. I'm going to wait 3 or 4 weeks before seeing Lei Shen.
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