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    5 last week, 3 this week
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    The place with the thing.
    We two shot him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    None, went in killed it, left. I have only done it on one player so far but.
    So far but what?

    On topic, I try to avoid the frustration and time wasting that comes along with LFR. The loot system was terri-bad, but I was able to handle LFR groups during Dragon Soul, since the encounters were pretty simplistic and with the limited mechanics and high damage buffs it was easy to rip through it in LFR.

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    1 wipe this week.

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    Last week it was 4 wipes. This week is was 1 wipe. Victory happens when people learn to absorb the blue swirls instead of focusing the boss.

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    Uuuhhh.. we wiped about 4-6 six times... X_x
    But hey, that's not so bad.. GF's group wiped about 8-9 times.. I laughed especially hard when that new Dark Legacy comic about Donald and LFR got published

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    Last week I got 5 stacks of determination, although that was more trying to repeatedly teach new people who jumped into the raid not to run away when you have a blue circle or turn big.
    This week I got into a LFR with 2 stacks of determination, completed it that attempt, it felt awesome.

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    Most stacks I've gotten is 4, fewest is 1. I suspect it will improve, as LFR bosses generally do.

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    4 times, i quit the raid 10 mins ago and i'll probably never enter that part of the raid until there's a fix

    no one except myself can decide my death, if i make an error i die (not that it happens often), but wiping a raid because of an unknown fucktard is just pointless
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    i went on 4 different characters and wiped about 20-30 times all together. Let's say I no what to do and when to do it. Let's say I become an instructor when i get on that fight.

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    I wiped 4 times I think. As long as people know the tacs its grand. Nothing like when the people who you need to stack under run out of the raid xD In a week or two people should wise up to the tactics.

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    None, I queued up on Tuesday evening and ran every wing (bar wing 1) with no wipes at all. Seriously, I was shocked. Later in the week, I don't think my alts will fare so well, but it seems that while he needs it, I have to devote my Tuesday nights to LFR runs.
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    8 times on one try, quit that group, wiped another 2 to finally kill him. I think at the end we were just doing it for the stacks.

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    Last week was 8 for a kill, got to 4 tonight before I ran out of time and had to leave.

    So 4 and counting this week. I was hoping people would be a little better at mechanics this time around, but I guess since it's only the second time maybe my expectations were high?

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    Just finished up a 9 stack kill. People don't know where to stand.

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    wiped on it 2 times last week and havent set foot on it since, cos i just dont care loot nor killing him. Maybe try again in 2 months to get boosted afk like 95% of the LFR is these days.

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    1 last week, 2 this week. All of them were <20% wipes

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    5 or 6 times last week, no wipe this week lol

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    0 last week and 0 this week.
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    3-4 Last week, Once this.
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